Lightfoot launches First Notice of Loss service to fleet managers

Lightfoot launches First Notice of Loss service to fleet managers

Lightfoot, the award winning in-vehicle technology and driver rewards platform, has launched its First Notice of Loss (FNOL) service to the fleet sector, alerting fleet managers to incidents and accidents, helping to enhance Duty of Care to drivers of fleet vehicles.

The new service, which is available as an add-on to Lightfoot’s range of services, sends notifications within ten minutes of an incident, detailing the severity of the incident, the vehicle involved, its location, direction of travel, g-force caused by the incident, the vehicle’s speed at the time of the incident, and the current status of the vehicle.

The FNOL solution enables fleet managers to instantly assess the level of response required. Drivers can then be contacted to check on their wellbeing, to establish if attendance by the emergency services is needed, or if vehicle recovery is required. The FNOL also provides vital information for fleet managers to pass on to their insurance cover provider, if required.  

Commenting on the release of the new FNOL service, Mark Roberts, Founder and CEO of Lightfoot, said:

“FNOL has been a service that our insurance partners and clients have been interested in for some time. Based on discussions with both, we have created a solution that meets all their requirements, leading to a safer working environment for drivers and a more effective method of claims capture for fleet managers and insurers.”

Trialled earlier this year and refined for release in May 2020, Lightfoot’s FNOL solution has been well received by those involved in the testing.

Adrian Davies, Global Fleet and Cost Manager at Genus ABS, who integrated the solution into his Lightfoot package during trials earlier this year, commented:

“The FNOL feature has become a great help to our business. Earlier this year, we had an alert come through at 3.30am, due to a driver slipping on black ice and going off the road. This was priceless information allowing us to react instantly to check on the driver’s welfare and to get the correct level of help arranged. The FNOL has been a great addition. Now, we can act fast and ensure drivers are safe should a road traffic accident occur.”

Outlining why FNOL is so important, Mark Roberts of Lightfoot added:

“As part of our growing range of services, implementing a FNOL alert solution has been high among our priorities. Duty of Care is core to what we do, and while we’ve helped cut at-fault accidents by up to 40% among drivers using our in-cab driver training device, the missing part of the puzzle has been helping drivers involved in incidents beyond their control.

“Paired with our VisionTrack partnership, which has seen the integration of VisionTrack camera footage into our web-based Fleet Manager Portal, we now provide a suite of solutions that further enhance our clients’ driver safety and wellbeing. The launch of FNOL, which was well received at our recent virtual customer event, is just the latest of a series of new services that we are launching this year, each of which will be previewed at our regular digital customer events.”

Lightfoot’s dashboard display device uses live engine data to provide real-time visual and audible feedback to drivers, helping fleets improve efficiency and safety one mile at a time. The device is also capable of measuring the level of g-force experienced in an incident: vertically, longitudinally and laterally, with thresholds of 2g for sideways motion and 3g for vertical movement. Moderate alerts are issued for incidents of up to 5gs and serious alerts issued for those over 5gs.

In addition to providing guidance to encourage smoother, safer and more efficient driving via the in-cab device, Lightfoot also provides drivers with an app that provides them with full insight into their performance and score, alongside access to a range of exclusive competitions which they can opt into and enter as soon as they achieve Lightfoot’s ‘Elite Driver’ standard. By maintaining Elite Driver status each week, drivers can enter to win cash-prizes in The Drivers’ Lottery as well as a range of other rewards including consumer technology, which serves as an additional incentive to maintain a smoother, safer driving style.

Drivers achieving Elite Driver status enable reductions in harmful emissions and fuel savings of up to 15%, while also cutting wear and tear costs by up to 45%, and at fault accidents by up to 40%.

Considered revolutionary in the fleet management and telematics worlds, Lightfoot’s disruptive approach to reducing accidents has been adopted by some of the largest players in the market, including Virgin Media, Greencore, and South West Water.