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It’s time to level up your fleet with Lightfoot. An advanced fleet management system that offers so much more than traditional telematics solutions, Lightfoot will provide you with powerful insights, real-time data, and intuitive tools that help you take fleet performance to new heights.

Our full telematics suite provides you with everything you need to maximise operations and make informed decisions, allowing you to manage your fleet with total peace of mind. And if you’re operating a mixed fleet, you’ll benefit from having all petrol, diesel, and electric vehicle data centralised in one easy to use, web-based fleet management portal.

All the tools you need to succeed

Portal dashboard

Your customisable dashboard lets you easily view data, monitor live updates, and keep track of fleet activity, providing an essential overview of all the information in your fleet management portal.

GPS tracking

You can see the location of your vehicles at all times, with useful insights including engine status, speed, efficiency, direction of travel, proximity to a postcode or address, and even real-time traffic conditions.


It’s simple to create and view virtual perimeters on your portal map so you can monitor activity in key locations, such as drivers calling in on customers, visiting suppliers, or returning to the depot.

Incident alerts

Lightfoot’s First Notification of Loss (FNOL) feature will alert you if any of your drivers are involved in a suspected collision, so you can quickly fulfil your duty-of-care requirements and begin the claims process.

Fleet Doctor

The Fleet Doctor feature helps you schedule preventative maintenance by notifying you of vehicle fault codes as soon as they register and providing your drivers with a quick and easy daily vehicle checklist.

Vehicle reports

All the key data is readily available, including journey reports, performance league tables, vehicle history reports, CO2 and ESG data with trend analysis for board reports, and many more.

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Keeping your fleet secure and compliant:

Driver ID keypad

Driver ID keypad

An effective driver ID system is essential for optimising your operations and keeping your personnel secure, which is why we’ve developed a simple driver ID keypad to ensure that Lightfoot scores (and rewards!) are attributed to individual drivers, rather than vehicles. This also allows you to review scores and track progress more accurately.

Driver ID keypad
Driver privacy button

Driver privacy button

Lightfoot's 'business vs. private' button is ideal for company cars or commercial vehicles which are driven by a single driver, but where journeys are required to be identified as either business or personal for HMRC compliance and reporting. It’s a simple solution that reduces admin, eliminates bogus claims, and streamlines expense management.

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Lightfoot in ICE vehicles

Learn more about how Lightfoot can help you save on fuel, emissions, vehicle damage, accident rates, and insurance claims in your petrol and diesel fleet vehicles.

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Lightfoot in electric vehicles

Find out how Lightfoot can help you get the most out of your EV fleet and explore our full range of electric vehicle telematics tools and charge management features.

Endorsed by all major fleet insurers and brokers

Lightfoot’s results are tried and tested, which is why our telematics technology comes fully approved by leading risk-management specialists within the insurance industry:

Endorsed by all major fleet insurers
and brokers

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