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Start making major, lasting savings with a powerful fleet management solution that delivers significant returns

It’s time to take your fleet’s performance to a whole new level

It’s no secret that running a fleet often involves sky-high operating costs. From soaring fuel prices and rising maintenance expenses to hefty insurance premiums and accident claims, things can quickly start to feel beyond your control. That is, unless your business is using a complete fleet management solution like Lightfoot.

Our all-in-one telematics and driver training platform will help you unlock hidden savings and put money back in your pocket, enabling you to drill down on inefficiencies, control costs, and get more out of your fleet at every turn.

How Lightfoot helps you manage fleet expenses:

Provides crystal-clear ROI

Provides crystal-clear ROI

Forget grand claims and fake promises – at Lightfoot we let real data do the talking. You’ll experience this first-hand through our free trial. Conducted in your vehicles with your drivers at the wheel, this allows you to see the benefits of our innovative system play out in real-time. Our expert team will take care of the whole process from start to finish, with a full ROI report provided at the end so that you’re able to make an informed and risk-free decision.

Cuts down on admin

Cuts down on admin

Whilst traditional telematics devices offer little beyond retrospective feedback, Lightfoot delivers something different – a self-managing system of proactive prevention. Not only does this reduce fuel costs and insurance claims, but it also cuts down on the administrative cost of addressing incidents and issues within the fleet. As well as this, driver reimbursement is fully automated through the app, making it simpler than ever for you to manage fuel and charging expenses.

Maintains long-term savings

Maintains long-term savings

You may see a short-term improvement in fleet performance following disciplinary action and driver training initiatives, but this quickly tails off. Lightfoot offers an alternative approach. By focusing on empowering your drivers, our solution provides lasting results that enable ongoing savings. Rewards and regular incentives help to permanently sustain driver engagement, meaning cost-efficient driving habits are maintained over time.

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Tangible benefits delivered in real-time

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Save up to 15%1 on your fuel bills with greater MPG

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Reduce vehicle wear and tear by 45%2 and avoid costly repairs

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Prevent 40%3 of at-fault accidents and keep claims low



Cut your carbon footprint with 15%4 fewer CO2 emissions

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Increase electric vehicle range by over 15%5 on every charge

1. Lightfoot client data collected 2019-2021 | 2. Endorsed by Ian Thorn, CEF | 3. Validated by Allianz Insurance Plc.
4. Lightfoot client data collected 2018-2020 | 5. Lightfoot trials conducted January-April 2022

Delivering the ROI your telematics software couldn’t

Hear from fleet professionals across a number of industries on how Lightfoot has delivered a return-on-investment time and time again:

Delivering the ROI your telematics software couldn’t

Discover how to boost your fleet’s profits and productivity

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How much could you save?

Try out our fuel savings calculator to get an idea of the annual fuel savings your fleet could be making with Lightfoot:

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Lightfoot and ICE vehicles

Take a look at what Lightfoot could mean for your petrol and diesel fleet - from lower fuel bills and fewer harmful emissions to reduced insurance claims and greater efficiency.

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Lightfoot and EVs

See how Lightfoot could help you make the switch to electric vehicles, operate a mixed fleet, and get a better return from your EVs, including improved range and charging.

Discover how to boost savings, safety, and sustainability within your fleet

Fleet telematics

See the metrics that matter most with detailed and accurate information that provides real-time insights, streamlines decision-making, and keeps your fleet operating smoothly.

Endorsed by all major fleet insurers and brokers

Lightfoot’s results are tried and tested, which is why our EV telematics technology comes fully approved by leading risk-management specialists within the insurance industry:

Endorsed by all major fleet insurers
and brokers

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