Improve response times, safety measures, and efficiency with an industry-leading fleet management solution

Make every second count with Lightfoot

Make every second count with Lightfoot

Here at Lightfoot, we’ve made it our mission to make fleet management as stress-free as possible by providing everything you need to control operational costs, boost productivity, reduce risk, and make sure the right people get to the right place in as little time as possible.

We know that across all healthcare fleets – from patient transport and community services through to frontline vehicles – there are a number of challenges to overcome. You’re dealing with stretched resources, outdated vehicles, spiralling expenses, and the need to keep staff, patients, and passengers safe, against a backdrop of mounting pressure to achieve greater sustainability. And that’s why we’ve created one simple, integrated solution that handles it all, so you can enjoy real peace of mind whilst maximising your fleet’s performance.

We help healthcare fleets:

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs

Save on fuel and repairs

Enjoy better 15%1 better fuel efficiency and save on costly maintenance and repairs with 45%2 less wear and tear.

environmental impact

Save on emissions

Make environmental impact a priority with 15%3 fewer CO2 emissions and 15%4 greater range in electric vehicles.

Increase driver safety

Save on accidents and insurance

Benefit from lower insurance claims and 40%5 fewer accidents through improved driver behaviour.

1. Lightfoot client data collected 2019-2021 | 2. Endorsed by Ian Thorn, CEF | 3 .Lightfoot client data collected 2018-2020
4. Lightfoot trials conducted January-April 2022 | 5. Validated by Allianz Insurance Plc.

See how Acorn Mobility have benefitted:

“Choosing Lightfoot was an absolute no-brainer; there is real beauty in its simplicity. By engaging drivers in a fun and rewarding way, we have seen huge benefits, both to the business and our drivers.”

Pete Hodgson

UK & European Fleet/Transport Manager See how Acorn Mobility have benefitted

Discover how to optimise resources

Discover how to optimise resources, cut costs, and boost sustainability

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Lightfoot and ICE vehicles

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Lightfoot and EVs

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Fleet telematics

Discover our full telematics suite, with expert tools to help you effectively track, dispatch, monitor, and manage every vehicle and driver.

Working with 
          Britain’s best

Working with
Britain’s best

Lightfoot is proud to support UK design and manufacturing, with all our technology developed and built here in Britain. Our highly skilled technical advisors and customer support specialists are UK-based too, enabling us to help healthcare fleets throughout the country to enjoy better fleet performance than ever before with ongoing assistance, expert advice, and a dedicated account manager.

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