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Experience savings across your petrol and diesel fleet

Our innovative in-cab coaching technology and driver rewards platform are designed to help you unlock greater savings and optimise fleet performance across the board. Lightfoot is proven to deliver a reduction in fuel expenditure, carbon emissions, vehicle damage, accident rates, insurance claims, downtime, and admin.

Simple charge management

Power up your electric fleet and get more from every charge

Whether you’re just at the start of your fleet electrification journey, operating a mixed fleet, or ready to go all-in on EVs, Lightfoot will be your partner every step of the way. Our advanced EV fleet management software helps your drivers become safer and more efficient, getting more range from each charge and adopting better charging habits along the way.


Go beyond standard fleet telematics and vehicle tracking

Make fleet management simple and streamlined with our integrated portal, which provides you with a whole suite of telematics tools and plenty more besides. A complete solution that is fully secure, compliant, and customisable, our fleet management platform offers intelligent insights, real-time reports, analytical data, alerts, and much more.

intelligent dashcams

Safeguard your fleet with intelligent dashcams

Lightfoot’s fully integrated camera solution will introduce a whole new standard of safety to your fleet. Helping you save time, money, and lives, Lightfoot Vision will enable you to better protect your drivers and your brand reputation through advanced video telematics.

Lightfoot & ICE vehicles

Discover the secret to better driver performance

Improve your petrol and diesel fleet with real-time driver coaching and gamification. Lightfoot is proven to deliver higher fuel savings, lower emissions, reduced downtime, increased road safety, and enhanced efficiency – all by guiding your fleet drivers towards a smoother driving style.

Lightfoot & EVs

Simple charge management
Optimise your electric fleet and master the move to EVs

Wherever you are on your path to fleet electrification, Lightfoot can help you keep it simple and stress-free. From those just starting out to those managing mixed fleets or preparing to go fully electric, our EV solution helps you improve charging habits, minimise downtime, improve safety, and increase range.

Telematics & tracking

Level up fleet operations with advanced telematics technology

Our all-in-one fleet management software is designed to help your business unlock its true potential on the road. With customisable dashboards, in-depth reports, real-time alerts, and intelligent insights, it’s the solution you need to start making your business work harder for you.


Keep on top of compliance and driver privacy

Lightfoot can help you navigate the many areas of fleet compliance, ensuring your drivers are safe, your vehicles are road-worthy, risk reduction measures are in place, and all data privacy and GDPR concerns are dealt with effectively.

Integrate with existing systems across your business

Integrate with existing systems across your business

Lightfoot is designed to make fleet management simpler and smarter. Our technology can easily integrate with your existing systems and third-party solutions to ensure you’re getting the best experience possible for your fleet.

Trusted by leading fleet operators

We are the fleet management solution of choice for businesses of every size and from every industry.

Trusted by leading fleet operators

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