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Take control of operational costs and boost public and employee safety with a fleet management solution designed for the public sector

Streamline your fleet strategy with Lightfoot

Streamline your fleet strategy with Lightfoot

Take the frustration out of fleet management with Lightfoot’s all-in-one solution. We’ll provide you with all the essentials you need to run a reliable and environmentally responsible fleet, with better MPG, improved driver awareness, and a focus on safe and compliant driving.

For the fleets of councils and local authorities up and down the country, we know there are plenty of challenging circumstances to navigate right now. From budget constraints and fluctuating fuel costs to mounting pressure to lead the way in CO2 reduction and the adoption of electric vehicles, there are a number of obstacles to overcome. And that’s why we’ve created a standout fleet management system that does it all, offering you superior vehicle telematics and asset tracking capabilities to make your fleet go further.

We help council fleets:

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs

Keep fleet expenses under control with Lightfoot’s tried and tested driver coaching technology, proven to improve MPG and cut fuel bills by 15%1 and prevent 45%2 of everyday vehicle wear and tear.

environmental impact

Accomplish your sustainability goals

Show your commitment to cutting direct emissions and reaching your Net Zero targets with a more efficient driving style that reduces harmful pollutants by 15%3 and delivers 15%4 more range in electric vehicles.

Increase driver safety

Keep drivers and the local community safe

Make road safety and compliance a priority by reducing dangerous driving behaviour across your fleet, improving risk management, and lowering at-fault accidents by 40%5 with Lightfoot.

1. Lightfoot client data collected 2019-2021 | 2. Endorsed by Ian Thorn, CEF | 3 .Lightfoot client data collected 2018-2020
4. Lightfoot trials conducted January-April 2022 | 5. Validated by Allianz Insurance Plc.

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Discover how Lightfoot can save you money

Lightfoot and ICE vehicles

Discover the savings you could make across both your petrol and diesel fleet vehicles with a more cost-effective, efficient, and safety-focused solution.

need help transitioning to an EV fleet

Lightfoot and EVs

Get prepared for wider EV adoption and maximise the performance of existing electric fleet vehicles with the leading system for improved charging habits and better range.

Discover how to boost savings, safety, and sustainability within your fleet

Fleet telematics

From keeping your local authority fleet compliant to managing risk and public safety, you’ll have access to all the vehicle telematics tools you need to meet strict requirements.

 Central Bedfordshire Council
“We have seen a clear difference in the performance of our fleets since installing Lightfoot. There have been some incredible benefits such as reduced fuel costs, drops in emissions, and improved safety. Lightfoot has also helped management understand how to further improve performance as a result of the weekly reports and updates we receive.”

Arthi Appathurai
Fleet Services Manager, Central Bedfordshire Council

Trusted by councils throughout the UK

Trusted by councils throughout the UK
telematics tool kit

Supporting British manufacturing

As a UK-based company, Lightfoot is proud to support British innovation by designing, developing, and building every one of our trusted fleet management solutions here in Britain. Our talented team are also always on hand to deliver ongoing support, training, and advice from our head office in sunny Devon, giving local council fleets like yours the opportunity to enjoy improved performance every step of the way.

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