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Get the most out of your fleet with a powerful solution that offers so much more than telematics

It’s time to optimise your fleet’s performance

If you’re tired of traditional telematics, reams of useless data, and awkward conversations with drivers, why not try something better?

At Lightfoot, we offer a unique fleet management system that delivers real results – including fuel savings, lower emissions, less downtime, fewer repairs, and greater productivity.

How do we do this? Our in-cab coaching device provides real-time feedback to your drivers, so they improve their driving whilst out on the road. The Lightfoot app rewards them for embracing safer, more efficient driving habits, and you get to experience long-term change within your fleet.

How Lightfoot helps you manage your fleet:

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Cuts down on admin

Lightfoot is proactive, in that it catches issues early and prevents incidents from happening. Rather than having to go through endless reports and have difficult conversations with drivers long after the dangerous driving has occurred, Lightfoot saves you a job by issuing corrections in real-time. Drivers learn to adjust their driving style whilst they’re on the road, resulting in better driving from them and less paperwork for you.

Streamlines your decision-making

All the data you need to visualise your fleet, keep track of vehicles, schedule maintenance, stay compliant, and fulfil duty of care to your drivers is right there in one simple, integrated solution. With customisable dashboards, detailed reports, real-time alerts, and a whole suite of features, Lightfoot offers everything you need to run a more profitable and productive fleet, all tied up in one tidy package.

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Tangible benefits delivered in real-time

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Save up to 15%1 on your fuel bills with greater MPG

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Reduce vehicle wear and tear by 45%2 and avoid costly repairs

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Prevent 40%3 of at-fault accidents and keep premiums low



Cut your carbon footprint with 15%4 fewer CO2 emissions

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Increase electric vehicle range by over 15%5 on every charge

1. Lightfoot client data collected 2019-2021 | 2. Endorsed by Ian Thorn, CEF | 3. Validated by Allianz Insurance Plc.
4. Lightfoot client data collected 2018-2020 | 5. Lightfoot trials conducted January-April 2022

Trusted by fleets throughout the UK

Find out why other fleet professionals would recommend Lightfoot’s revolutionary fleet management solution, and hear what a difference it’s made to their business performance:

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Discover how to go beyond telematics

Discover how to go beyond telematics and unlock superior fleet performance

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Fleet telematics

Simplify fleet management with real-time insights and valuable analytics delivered in a powerful suite of telematics tools that allow you to work more effectively than ever.

Endorsed by all major fleet insurers and brokers

Lightfoot’s results are tried and tested, which is why our telematics technology comes fully approved by leading risk-management specialists within the insurance industry:

Endorsed by all major fleet insurers
and brokers

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