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Keep deliveries on track with Lightfoot

Keep deliveries on track with Lightfoot

Managing your home delivery fleet can now be hassle-free, as here at Lightfoot we’ll provide you with everything you need to increase efficiency, manage expenses, improve driver safety, and level up your customer service with effective route optimisation.

It’s no secret that courier fleets today face a multitude of challenges - transporting time-sensitive goods, meeting rising customer demand, dealing with soaring costs, and delivering on sustainability targets, all whilst faced with growing competition. That’s why we’re committed to making it easier than ever to optimise your fleet with one simple integrated solution that really works.

We help courier and delivery fleets:

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs

Manage expenses

With Lightfoot’s in-cab driver coaching technology, your fleet can reduce fuel costs by 15%1 and prevent 45%2 of vehicle wear and tear.

environmental impact

Manage emissions

Cutting your carbon footprint couldn’t be simpler, with Lightfoot stopping 15%3 of emissions and extending EV range by 15%4.

Increase driver safety

Manage incidents

Keep your drivers safe by reducing dangerous driving behaviour and lowering at-fault accidents by as much as 40%5 with Lightfoot.

1. Lightfoot client data collected 2019-2021 | 2. Endorsed by Ian Thorn, CEF | 3 .Lightfoot client data collected 2018-2020
4. Lightfoot trials conducted January-April 2022 | 5. Validated by Allianz Insurance Plc.

See how Tesco have benefitted:

“At Tesco we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact across our operations, from energy and waste, to food production and distribution. We make 15,000 delivery journeys every day. Lightfoot gives every one of our home delivery drivers real-time feedback on their driving style so they can make immediate improvements and reduce their emissions on every trip they make.”

Matt Rhind

Distribution and Fulfilment Transport Director, Tesco

See how Tesco have benefitted
Discover how to improve all areas of your fleet’s performance

Discover how to improve all areas of your fleet’s performance

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asda quote

“We’ve already seen the difference that Lightfoot’s technology has made to our operation in terms of carbon emissions and road accidents, and hope the partnership continues to help us improve our driver safety and the environment.”

Simon Gregg,
Vice President of Online Grocery, Asda

telematics tool kit

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Based in Devon, Lightfoot is a leading UK fleet technology company, and we’re proud to work with courier and home delivery fleets throughout the country. All our technology is designed, developed, and produced in Britain, and our team is entirely UK-based too, meaning there’s always someone available to assist you with any queries, requests, or training requirements.

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