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The secret behind better driver engagement

Lightfoot’s one of a kind driver rewards platform is the key to unlocking improved safety, efficiency, and productivity in fleets like yours. Delivered through our dedicated app, our unique gamification technology connects directly with fleet drivers, enabling them to self-manage their performance and motivating them to form better driving habits that last a lifetime.

By gamifying driving behaviour, Lightfoot creates a fun and compelling experience for drivers that ensures results are sustained over time. It’s no surprise that the majority of drivers choose to engage with our exclusive app every week, as they can win cash giveaways, special prizes, and high scores simply for doing their job!

Trusted by leading fleets

With over £1 million in rewards given away and 50,000 drivers across the UK hitting the Elite Driver target (scoring 85% and over), it’s clear that gamification is the answer to safer, smoother driving in all fleets.
Trusted by leading organisations

Discover what gamification could do for your business

By combining technology and psychology, Lightfoot can help you reach your fleet goals and achieve new levels of success:

What is gamification?

Gamification is when game-based elements – such as a points system, prizes, and competitions - are applied to a workplace setting. This simple process can help to incentivise certain behaviours amongst employees - e.g., driving more safely - by providing consistent positive feedback to increase motivation and improve performance.

basic human psychology

It works by tapping into basic human psychology – adding a sense of fun to tasks that may otherwise seem mundane, repetitive, or difficult helps to make them stimulating and rewarding instead. By activating reward pathways in the brain, gamification releases feel-good hormones such as dopamine, encouraging your workers to achieve their goals.

Why gamifying driving works

Traditionally, driver performance has been managed through punitive measures and retrospective feedback delivered by old-fashioned telematics systems. These methods can go some way in improving driver behaviour, but typically the results are short-lived and bad habits soon creep back in.

gamification circle

Instead, by creating a positive working culture where drivers are encouraged and rewarded for improving their driving habits, Lightfoot is able to deliver consistent, long-term improvements in fleets.

Drivers track their performance through the Lightfoot app, where they can also enter the weekly competitions and win prizes if they achieve the Elite Driver target. This locks drivers into Lightfoot’s weekly engagement cycle, ensuring that driving scores maintain high week after week.

Driver ID keypad

This also grants drivers more autonomy in their work, with the added benefit of freeing up management time and removing the need for awkward conversations with drivers who would normally underperform.

It’s a win-win for both fleets and drivers, resulting in a happier, higher performing workforce; less environmental impact; and safer roads for all.

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Better driver engagement, better results

Here’s a look at some of the key successes fleets have achieved using Lightfoot’s gamification platform*:

Drivers engaging with the Lightfoot app every week


Drivers engaging with the Lightfoot app every week

A 5x increase in average ROI across the business


A 5x increase in average ROI across the business

Total annual reduction in carbon emissions

29,985 tonnes

Total annual reduction in carbon emissions

Average fleet savings in fuel consumption


Average fleet savings in fuel consumption

Drivers reaching the Elite Driver target week-on-week


Drivers reaching the Elite Driver target week-on-week

Reduction in dangerous driving across fleets


Reduction in dangerous driving across fleets

Fewer at-fault accidents on average


Fewer at-fault accidents on average

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*Based on Lightfoot customer data collected between 2022-2023
Drivers' lottery winner

Meet our winners


given away so far!!!!

Weekly prize winners:

Drivers' lottery winner

Fleet drivers are winning big every week with Lightfoot – see some of our recent prize winners below:

Tom, £4000 Elite Driver Championship jackpot winner

Zac, £1000 Elite Driver Championship winner

Simon, £1000 Elite Driver Championship winner

Transform your entire workforce with Lightfoot

Following the significant success of our gamification platform in engaging and rewarding fleet drivers and improving their driving behaviours, we have now developed our technology further in order to gamify all manner of business-critical behaviours and tasks throughout the workplace.

Our new employee gamification solution, Winnie, can be developed around your needs, leading to a completely bespoke platform that’s tailormade to deliver the best possible results for your business.

Here are a few examples of how we’re already helping our customers to revolutionise
all areas of performance:

more productive

Increased employee productivity

Faster order picking and restocking times

gamification makes them happier

Better health and wellbeing

Tracking and rewarding
physical activity

UK employees feel unenthusiastic about their job

Improved culture and communication

Engaging entire teams via a single platform

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