Lightfoot launches new solution to slashing speeding in fleets

Lightfoot, the cutting-edge driver coaching and rewards platform, has launched a new driver-focused feature that has the ability to cut speeding incidents experienced by fleets by over 80%. Unveiled at The CV Show, Live Overspeed Alerts is the latest addition to Lightfoot’s suite of pioneering fleet management technology, which delivers safer, more efficient driving styles through real-time, in-cab coaching and rewards.

The new development, which is available as an add-on to Lightfoot’s system, notifies drivers whenever they exceed the speed limit. Using Lightfoot’s patented nudge psychology, the dashboard device encourages drivers to adjust their speed with a series of warnings should they stray above speed limit for 10 seconds or more.

Drivers ignoring the overspeeding alerts receive a Lightfoot penalty, and if they receive five or more such penalties in a week, they become ineligible to enter the weekly giveaways and competitions available via the Lightfoot Driver App.

Weekly overspeeding events are reported to fleet managers, detailing the speeding penalties for each driver, and full details are stored in the Lightfoot fleet management portal. This allows operators to swiftly identify repeat offenders within their fleet, and to monitor improvements over time.

Commenting on the launch of the new Live Overspeed Alerts feature, Paul Hollick, Managing Director of Lightfoot, said: “13% of all road accidents in the UK are caused by drivers travelling at excessive speed. These accidents account for 27% of all fatalities. With one driver caught speeding every 5 minutes, this is a major issue for fleets. It puts their drivers, passengers, and other road users at risk. It also leads to vehicle damage, hefty insurance premiums, and a negative brand reputation – all costly issues to fix.

“Fleets clearly have a crucial part to play in keeping Britain’s roads safe by cracking down on speed-related instances of dangerous driving. That’s why we created the new Live Overspeed Alerts feature. This builds on Lightfoot’s existing ability to cut speeding by training individuals to adopt a more careful, considered approach to driving, but it takes this to a whole new level.

“By directly flagging speeding incidents as they happen, drivers are left in no doubt about their speed status and can therefore modify their driving style accordingly. For those that speed repeatedly, managers are able to pinpoint individuals who represent a risk within their fleet. This constructively tackles the issue of speeding head on, creating a safer driving culture for all our customers.”

Live Overspeed Alerts has been thoroughly tested and has been shown to make a significant difference to driving habits.

Pete Hodgson, UK & European Fleet/Transport Manager for Acorn Mobility Services Ltd., integrated Live Overspeed Alerts into his Lightfoot package during trials at the end of last year. Commenting on its impact, he said: “The Live Overspeed feature has been a great addition. It enabled us to reduce incidents of speeding by 81% in just a matter of weeks. Now, we not only have a safer fleet, but our vehicles are being driven more efficiently. That means lower fuel use, less risk of wear and tear, and a reduction in the likelihood of accidental damage to our vans. It’s a win-win outcome all around.”

An industry-leading fleet management solution, Lightfoot combines its in-cab coaching device and driver rewards platform to deliver substantial, sustainable results. The dashboard display device uses live engine data to provide drivers with real-time visual and audible feedback, allowing them to manage their own performance and build better driving habits.

Alongside the in-cab device, Lightfoot also provides a dedicated Drivers App. Here, drivers can view their performance data, keep track of their driving score, and compete in league tables with other drivers. When they reach Lightfoot’s ‘Elite Driver’ standard (scoring 85% or higher) they gain access to a range of exclusive competitions, including The Drivers’ Lottery, where they can win up to £100 each week, and a host of prize giveaways. All of this helps to incentivise better driving performance, ensuring long-lasting results.

The benefits of smoother, safer driving with Lightfoot include fuel savings of up to 15%, a 40% reduction in at-fault accidents, 45% less vehicle wear and tear, and a cut in CO2 emissions of up to 15%. In EVs, a more uniform driving style also contributes to range increases of up to 15%.

These tangible results are the reason why Lightfoot’s revolutionary technology has become the fleet management solution of choice for many of the UK’s largest fleets, including Tesco, Asda, Virgin Media, and South West Water.