Lightfoot launches all-new ‘Fleet Manager of the Week’ initiative, sponsored by Activa

Lightfoot launches all-new ‘Fleet Manager of the Week’ initiative, sponsored by Activa

Activa Contracts, the winner of the Fleet News Leasing Company of the Year Award, and Lightfoot have been working closely together for three years. Lightfoot works with Activa clients to help create and reward better drivers.

In partnership with Activa Contracts, Lightfoot has just launched the all-new Fleet Manager of the Week initiative to reward managers of fleets just like we currently reward drivers.

Here at Lightfoot, we’re committed to making our roads safer, our environment cleaner and fleet operations less costly. This is all achievable through the mass-adoption of the smoother driving style that Lightfoot encourages and rewards. We’ve already introduced a range of rewards and incentives to encourage drivers to behave in this safer, more efficient way on the road, and now we’re launching a new initiative that will mean drivers aren’t the only ones to be rewarded…

After all, it’s not just the drivers who are responsible for the driving style of fleet vehicles on our roads. The role of the managers of fleets is just as important. Although we understand that job titles vary far and wide in a modern fleet environment, a good “Fleet Manager” can be the difference between a safe, efficient fleet of drivers with a high vehicle “up-time” rate, and a law-suit waiting to happen. This is why we work with managers closely, to ensure they understand Lightfoot and know how to get the best out of it, so they can, in turn, make sure their drivers are engaged with the device and are behaving well on the road.

Our latest initiative – Fleet Manager of the Week – will see Fleet Managers eligible for prizes if their drivers achieve their targets.

All Fleet Managers whose fleet hits an overall score of 85% or above (which grants them the status of ‘Elite Fleet’) will be eligible to win. That’s it! Then, all qualifying Fleet Managers will be entered into a weekly prize draw with the opportunity to win gadgets like the Amazon Echo and experiences like city and country breaks.

Activa Contracts has sponsored the initiative to reward Fleet Managers for all the great things they’re doing, and the Lightfoot team are excited to see our customers benefit from even more rewards. The initiative was launched on 9th October, with the first winning manager being announced in the week commencing 16th.