The Fleet Manager’s Guide to Elite Fleet Performance

The Fleet Manager’s Guide to Elite Fleet Performance

Fleet management is complicated, we get it. The task of managing the selection and maintenance of a range of vehicles is not an easy one, and it’s often the cause of many headaches.

The added internal pressures of hitting environmental targets, reducing costs and keeping drivers safe is a juggling act like no other.

That’s where Lightfoot steps in.

Tried telematics? Try something better

If you’ve tried telematics, you’ll be familiar with data-overload and regular driver debriefings, each eating up precious time. Wouldn’t it be better to have a self-managing solution without the paperwork? We couldn’t agree more.

Instead of flagging issues that need to be addressed down the line, Lightfoot is different. Its real-time, in-cab driver feedback addresses poor driving in the moment. Through a combination of real-time, audible and visual nudges, drivers are coached on the road to become smoother and safer, one mile at a time. That ticks your occupational road risk management obligations, and lowers vehicle maintenance costs.

Plugging into the electronic ‘brain’ of the engine, Lightfoot’s dashboard mounted device keeps drivers in the sweet spot of the engine. Slashing instances of harsh acceleration, breaking and cornering, Lightfoot reduces vehicle wear and tear and improves efficiency, saving up to 15% on fuel bills, reducing accidents by as much as 40%, downtime by around 45% and lowering emissions by up to 15%.

Engaging drivers in a new and different way

Accountable for the entire fleet operation, there’s a whole lot more to being a fleet manager than managing data. And with a shortage of drivers on the road, retaining and recruiting skilled drivers is now a harder job than ever before.

With Lightfoot on your side, that’s covered too. That’s because Lightfoot routinely rewards better drivers on its app, enhancing engagement and staff morale.

With prizes of up to £200 to be won each and every week in The Drivers’ Lottery, Lightfoot turns fleet management on its head, empowering those in the driving seat to drive change for the better. So, that’s one less headache for you to worry about.

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