Top tips to improve driving behaviour

Top tips to improve driving behaviour

A fleet manager is only as good as their drivers. Fear not, though. There is always room to improve driving behaviour and, thus, your fleet performance.

Educated, aware, and considerate drivers are the cornerstone of an efficient fleet. An effective fleet manager should make sure that all their drivers understand the law, as well as practicing a safe and efficient driving style. This will help your company save a huge amount of money in different areas, such as fuel, fines, accident claims and repairs.

However, improving driving behaviour is not an easy task. This is why we have summarised the main actions you can take in three top tips.

Group and individual sessions

Make sure you regularly review the law and keep your fleet drivers up to date on any changes, such as those laws covering drink-driving limits or mobile phone use. Furthermore, it is important to remind them of the current laws so that they keep them in mind, even if they haven’t changed.

One of the easiest ways to do this can be in a group session, especially when you notice a common confusion in your fleet. Individual meetings may be more appropriate if just one or two of your drivers have a problem with specific laws or driving behaviours. This will keep your drivers, other road users and pedestrians safer, as well as helping you avoid lots of potential fines.

Implement a driver incentive scheme

We all love being rewarded when we are doing well – it makes us even more motivated to keep up good performance. Therefore, why wouldn’t you use the same logic with your fleet drivers? When they are driving well, they are saving you money and protecting your reputation – exactly the kind of behaviour you want them to repeat and maintain.

Rewarding drivers with prizes and perks, or with additional holiday or bonuses, is a sure-fire way to maintain brilliant fleet performance. Inventive and creative rewards schemes may also drive huge cultural improvements in your company as well as increasing productivity.

Feedback is key if you want to improve driving behaviour

As a Fleet Manager, you will need to be able to identify the main problems in your fleet so that they can be addressed properly. Moreover, drivers need feedback to be able to improve. After all, unless we are aware of what we are doing wrong, how can we improve?

It is difficult to keep track of every driver’s performance, let alone being able to give personalised feedback to each one of them. Feedback should be given as soon as possible for it to have the greatest effect, and there is no better way to do it than to give your drivers feedback in the exact moment when they are not driving efficiently. But that’s impossible… right?

How Lightfoot can help you improve driving behaviour

Lightfoot is a connected car technology which gives you a direct line of communication with each vehicle in your fleet. It consists of a unique system of audio and visual prompts that provides instant feedback to your drivers based on their live performance rather than retrospective, after-the-incident data. This is action, not reaction.

Moreover, with Lightfoot, your drivers will be rewarded for their great driving. They will be able to enter prize competitions, create and compete in leagues and unlock discounts from high street stores – all for being Elite Drivers!

If you are interested in implementing Lightfoot in your fleet, you can contact us here or download our brochure here.

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