Thousands of pounds to be won by Britain’s best fleet drivers

Thousands of pounds to be won by Britain’s best fleet drivers

Lightfoot’s Elite Driver Championship, sponsored by Allianz, pays out £4,000 to first winner  

  • £1,000 to be won every month
  • £4,000 Summer Prize Draw
  • £7,000 Christmas Prize Draw

Lightfoot, which rewards fleet drivers for better driving, has today announced the first four-figure winner of its new driver engagement initiative, the Elite Driver Championship, sponsored by Allianz Commercial. Providing prize draws ranging from £1,000 to £7,000, the new, big cash prize pot joins the suite of rewards that Lightfoot Elite drivers can win through the Lightfoot driver app, including its weekly Drivers’ Lottery, where individuals can win up to £200.

The difference with the Elite Driver Championship is that to be eligible for the big-ticket cash prizes, drivers must maintain an average score at or above 85% – Lightfoot’s Elite Driver Standard – for the duration of the prize draw. That’s exactly what Tom Curtis of DeterTech in Telford achieved, bagging himself £4,000 in the very first draw. Celebrating the fact, Tom said:

“This has never happened to me before – I won £50 on the Premium Bonds once but that’s it! I’ll definitely enter more prize draws in the future, especially if they’re going to keep getting bigger and better! You’ve got nothing to lose after all, so may as well give it a whirl! I’ll be using the money towards a new motorbike…or perhaps to take the kids to Disneyland! 

Tom added:

I thought Lightfoot was a good idea. If you’re going a bit too fast, it will give you a little nudge to tell you to calm down a bit or change gear. I’ve noticed it’s improved my fuel consumption, and definitely made me more aware of my acceleration style.”

Launched in April, the Elite Driver Championship gives drivers who consistently achieve the Lightfoot Elite Driver standard the chance to win £1,000 every single month, as well as the opportunity to enter the mid-year bonus bonanza, where three drivers will win between £500 – £2,000.

At the end of year, drivers who have maintained the Elite Driver Standard from April through to December will be eligible for the Championship Christmas cash pot of £7,000. Three drivers will also win between £500 – £2,000. Commenting on the new championship, Gerry Ross, head of commercial motor at Allianz, said:

We want to encourage and reward the UK’s motor fleet drivers for safer and more sustainable driving, so we are really proud to partner with Lightfoot on this exciting new initiative. This campaign aligns with our belief that incentivising positive behaviours is the most effective way to engage and improve overall levels of driving. This partnership will enhance fleet risk management by promoting more efficient driving and making road safety a top priority for drivers.”

Paul Hollick, Managing Director of Lightfoot, added:

Adopting a driver-focused rewards-based approach has been a game changer for fleets using our ‘beyond telematics’ tech. Now, thanks to Allianz’s sponsorship, we have serious sums of money on offer that can be won in the Elite Driver Championship. We believe this will lift driver engagement to all-time highs, week-in and week-out, helping to streamline the process of fleet management.

“That’s important because drivers who actively engage with Lightfoot through the app perform at least 10% better drivers than those that don’t, which means that fleet managers only need to focus on the few drivers that consistently fail to hit KPIs. In terms of fuel savings, emissions reductions, driver safety, and lower accident levels that’s huge, bringing immediate and lasting benefits to fleets, their drivers, and the environment.”

Lightfoot’s in-cab device engages with drivers in real-time, delivering ‘in-the-moment’ nudges that modify driving styles for the better, aided by audible end-of-journey scores. This guides drivers towards their weekly goal of achieving Elite Driver status, which unlocks access to weekly prizes, The Drivers’ Lottery, and the Elite Driver Championship.

Lightfoot’s ‘beyond telematics’ approach has helped fleets achieve engagement of 90%+, realising average fuel and emissions savings of up to 15%, EV range extension of up to 15%, as well as reductions in at-fault accidents by up to 40%, wear and tear costs by 45%, and vehicle idling by 24%.

Since the launch of the Drivers’ Lottery in 2019, Lightfoot has given away over 111,000 prizes, with a total value just shy of £370,000, and has helped cut CO2 emissions in fleets by over 200,000 tonnes, reducing fuel use by almost 90m litres.