Fleet Driver of the Week – Stephen Baylis (Virgin Media)

How long have you been working for Virgin Media? 

22 years.

What van do you drive for work? Do you like it? 

Ford Transit SWB mid top. I love it, it drives like a car.

What would you say is the best thing about the job?  

The variety of work. No two days are the same and I’m not stuck in an office day to day.

How long have you had Lightfoot?

Just over 1 year.

What prize did you win?  

An Amazon Fire HD tablet.

Do you think Lightfoot has changed the way you drive?

It has definitely changed my driving style. Now, I change gear that bit earlier than I used to and I can tell the difference because I get more miles in between fill-ups. It has also changed the way I drive my own car – by adopting the same driving style, I save on fuel. It’s win win!

If you could have any voice on your Lightfoot device who would it be?

 Doc Brown from Back to the Future.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I play golf, badminton and ride my mountain bike. I also enjoy days out with the family.

What’s on the top of your bucket list?

I would love a trip to Australia. The furthest I have travelled is Mexico.