How do vehicle emissions affect YOUR health?

How do vehicle emissions affect YOUR health?
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We are all constantly exposed to thousands of news and reports about air pollution and climate change. Some of us are already very aware of the scale of the problem and its consequences, but others think it’s not that important… or maybe it is, but are not overly willing to change many of their routines in order to help to overcome the problem – or at least reduce its negative effects.

Is this just an environmental problem that affects the Earth, wildlife and the planet, but not us as humans? Of course not! Most of us may already know that any effects on the environment end up affecting us as well. But… In what sense? How does pollution – especially vehicle emissions – affect your health?

Everyone knows air pollution affects our respiratory system and increases the probability of suffering from asthma, allergies and any other illness related to it. But, did you know that air pollution could also damage your mental health? And even provoke mental illnesses, especially in children?! Crazy to think – right?

Anxiety, stress, depression and Alzheimer’s are just some examples of how pollution can affect your mental health. Furthermore, in children, air pollution can affect mental and cognitive health even more since they are more sensitive to poor air quality. The research, published in the peer-reviewed journal BMJ Open states that:

“The severe impact of child and adolescent mental health problems in society, together with the plausible and preventable association of exposure to air pollution, deserves special attention.”

And that is not all: air pollution also affects your diet. How? Vegetables are affected by the poor air quality and so are the animals that eat them. You are at the end of the food chain and, therefore, you are affected too. Nowadays, people are concerned about eating healthy and can spend a lot of money buying natural and organic food, but can it really be healthy if we are contaminating it with our emissions?

In addition to these points, you may or may not have thought about it, but your skin is constantly exposed to this pollution and this is one of the main causes for skin allergies, ageing skin and acne.

There are many more potential consequences that vehicle emissions have on your health – such as heart problems and the enhanced chances of having cancer… Here there are some questions for you:

  • Everyone cares about their health in one way or another. How many natural products are trendy now? How much are you willing to pay for a healthy alimentation or natural products for your skin?
  • How much would you be willing to pay to see a doctor if your child or family member had respiratory problems?
  • How much do you desire a weekend in the mountains to be able to enjoy some pure air?
  • How much are you willing to pay for mental health books, psychologists or pills to control your anxiety?

We can consider ourselves a little bit hypocritical if we would do everything to keep ourselves healthy but then, we are too lazy to care about the environment. And this hypocrisy is what will end up affecting us more than anything.

We have two different ways to act in front of this:

-Reactive: just by not being lazy and doing the basic things you are supposed to do.

-Proactive: by creating new ways and inspiring others.

Anything you can do to reduce emissions would be greatly appreciated by society, the world and your own health. Click here to see how Lightfoot helps to reduce carbon emissions and more benefits…

We all only have one life and the question is: What mark do we want to leave in this world?

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