Significant savings and solid ROI

Up To 15% MPG Uplift

Significant savings and solid ROI

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Lightfoot's Electric Vehicle Evolution

Since launch, Lightfoot has constantly evolved to reflect the changing needs of fleet managers and operators.

Today it has become a 360-degree total fleet management solution with market-leading electric vehicle management technology.

In the early days cutting fuel costs and optimising MPG was the only game in town and then companies became concerned with their carbon footprint and the need to reduce CO2 emissions.

Now, the transition to electric vehicles and the ability to maximise range and minimise charging downtime is one of the main KPIs for anyone involved in fleet management.

And this puts Lightfoot well ahead of the curve, with many companies still offering fleet management solutions that amount to little more than standard telematics trackers and which offer nothing but an outdated focus on fuel costs.

But don’t just take our word for it. Since 2013, almost 250 businesses with more than 50,000 drivers between them have trusted Lightfoot to improve their fleet efficiency and deliver a return on investment.

Smooth driving = Efficiency

Lightfoot is unique in the way it delivers results – using engine efficiency to inform driving style in real-time, rather than relying on retrospective data like telematics systems.

The device itself sits on the dashboard and uses lights and optional audio to inform the driver on how efficiently they’re driving.

If they are pushing your engine too far and driving inefficiently, they will see the lights go from green to red.

In time, the driver learns how to get the best from their vehicle and intuitively drives in a way that delivers real benefit and return on investment.

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Want to discover more potential fleet savings?

Give our Fleet Sustainability Calculator a try. This free tool will help you measure your progress in 4 key areas of fleet management – environmental impact, financial strength, operational efficiency, and EV readiness, with tailored recommendations to help you take your fleet further.

Innovation in EVs

Lightfoot’s in-house engineering team work tirelessly to keep the brand’s proposition cutting edge and market-leading.

This has resulted in the development of a full suite of electric vehicle management tools that make Lightfoot an unrivalled proposition for today’s busy fleet manager.

EV functionality is available now and/or in live development:

Over 15% increase in range

Live in-cab feedback delivering more efficient EV drivers.

Management visibility of State of Charge (SOC)

Display Battery State of Charge (SOC) in management portal & tracking.

Driver ‘ownership’ of SOC

Display SOC in the Lightfoot Driver app and directions to nearest charge point.

Battery degradation monitoring

Visibility of battery health enables vehicle redistribution & replacement planning.

Data integration with charging infrastructures

Optimisation of EV utilisation & charging, managed route planning to nearest charge point, electricity theft insights and prevention.

Electric vehicle expensing solved

The system can even provide an instant solution to the monitoring and processing of charging expenses, saving fleet operators from a major potential headache.

A customer’s view of Lightfoot

Jeff Coulson, Regional Director for hose and hydraulics firm Hydraquip, explains just how Lightfoot offered out-of-the-box benefits across his company’s fleet and paid for itself almost instantly.

Elite results

Jeff said the installation of Lightfoot across the Hydraquip fleet delivered a 100% improvement in driver safety, a 66% reduction in downtime costs, and fuel savings of 10.8% per vehicle, per month. This equates to £90,000 in fuel savings a year, not to mention a saving in the region of 1,000 tonnes of CO2.

Elite technology

Lightfoot’s technology plugs directly into a vehicle’s engine management system, reacting in real-time to real-life scenarios. For Hydraquip, this meant its drivers were learning on the job and constantly improving.

Elite coaching

Meanwhile, Hydraquip was also impressed by Lightfoot’s intelligence. The system’s live coaching is smart enough to adjust to the surrounding terrain. This means drivers were always receiving the best possible advice whether they were on a smooth motorway or a rugged quarry site.

Elite engagement

Lightfoot’s ability to engage drivers in their own development was also key to Hydraquip’s decision to go with the system. Jeff proudly reports that ALL of the company’s drivers are fully engaged with the system, whether because they want to win the lottery, do well in their leagues or because they feel accountable for their own actions.

Elite management

Another big win for Hydraquip was Lightfoot’s ability to drive change from the bottom up, without the need for time-heavy management.

Endorsed by the Insurance Industry

Endorsed by the Insurance Industry

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