Live Overspeed Alerts

Crack down on speeding incidents in real-time with our latest innovation

Put a stop to speeding in your fleet

The Live Overspeed feature is a subscription-based service that works in tandem with Lightfoot’s driver coaching technology. Now, instead of dealing with speeding incidents long after they occur, you can stop speeding as it happens.

Through a combination of intelligent mapping technology and live tracking data, Lightfoot continually processes the vehicle’s speed and location for maximum accuracy. This allows the system to detect speeding incidents immediately and issue real-time alerts, ensuring drivers are made aware any time they exceed the speed limit of the road they’re travelling on.

Seamlessly safer driving with enhanced functionality

Lightfoot’s patented nudge system

Nudge psychology

Lightfoot’s patented nudge psychology helps to train drivers in real-time with audible warnings and lights on the dashboard display. If a driver travels over the speed limit, they’ll instantly be alerted that they need to adjust their speed.

Improving driver behaviour

Speeding penalties

If drivers ignore the first two speed warnings, they will receive a Lightfoot speeding penalty. Drivers who reach the weekly penalty limit – as determined by your fleet needs - will become ineligible for that week’s Elite Driver competition and prize giveaways.

Data insights

Your weekly report will outline how many speeding penalties each driver has received, helping to identify repeat offenders and track improvements over time. You can also see the severity, duration, and location of each speeding incident via the fleet management portal.

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“The Live Overspeed feature has been a great addition to Lightfoot and has helped us reduce incidents of speeding by 81% in just a matter of weeks. This means that we not only have a safer fleet, but our vehicles are being driven more efficiently and there’s less risk of wear and tear or accidental damage on the vans too. It’s a win-win all around.”

Pete Hodgson,
UK & European Fleet/Transport Manager for Acorn Mobility Service Ltd.

Bringing all the benefits to your fleet

No additional hardware
No additional hardware

The Live Overspeed feature is a cloud-based service that will work instantly alongside your existing Lightfoot setup.

Done-for-you service
Even higher savings

With Live Overspeed activated, your fleet is likely to save money as fuel consumption, vehicle wear, and penalty fines are reduced.

Simple, centralised system
No upfront fee

This is a bolt-on subscription, so there’s no expensive outlay to get your fleet driving safely, just a simple monthly payment.

Improved driver culture
Improved road safety

Speeding puts your drivers, passengers, and other road users at risk – Live Overspeed prevents up to 80%* of incidents.

*Based on Lightfoot client trials conducted November 2021 - January 2022

Ready to cut down on irresponsible driving?

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