Driver Engagement

Drivers who engage are self-managing.

1 in 10 drivers win cash each week.

Winners ‘revealed’ and prizes claimed via the app.

Driver prizes this month

£20 Amazon voucher

Supercar Blast

Hotel Chocolat hamper

Why is engagement important

Engagement is how we interact with our drivers mainly via their personal Lightfoot account and the Lightfoot drivers app.

56% of drivers use Lightfoot’s app every week vs <5% with telematics apps.

Drivers who use the app and enter our competitions score, on average, 10% higher than drivers who don’t.

Drivers who engage are self-managing and optimise their driving performance without management intervention.

Driver Engagement is unique to Lightfoot and has a positive, measurable impact on driver safety, efficiency and happiness, as well as customer ROI.

Elite Drivers have a 1 in 10 chance of winning a prize each week

Elite Drivers have 1 in 10 chance
of winning a prize each week

The Drivers' Lottery

Cash prizes – hundreds of prizes of between £2 to £100 every week

The Drivers' Lottery

Prize Competitions

Elite Drivers (those with a score of 85% or above) qualify to win our weekly competitions.

Competitions and exclusive deals


Compete with colleagues and friends to see who really is the better driver.


Choose the carrot, not the stick

Three lightfoot app screens

All Elite Drivers who enter competitions have a 1 in 10 chance of winning a prize each week!

The Drivers’ Lottery gives away hundreds of prizes between £2 and £100 each week. It’s easy to win - all drivers have to do is enter in to the competition, and make sure they’re Elite that week.

Driver privacy

Three lightfoot app screens

Lightfoot’s unique driver-first model means that Fleets can fully customise what data is collected and what isn’t – we can create custom configurations based on your requirements. If you don’t need GPS tracking – we can switch it off. If you don’t want Lightfoot on in-vehicle outside of business hours, no problem – we can configure it to switch off. Your wish is our command.

Elite Driver standard

The Lightfoot app is your go-to place for all things smooth driving

Nobody’s ever going to be 100% perfect, driving just isn’t like that. That’s why we set our Elite Driver standard at 85%.

  • With Lightfoot ‘off’ – 3% of drivers achieve Elite
  • With Lightfoot ‘on’ – 80% of drivers achieve Elite

This allows plenty of leeway for drivers to overtake other road users, quickly build speed on slip roads, and drive in other ways that are inefficient but necessary in everyday driving.

up to 15% MPG gain
up to 40% accident reduction
up to 45% downtime reduction

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