Driver Behaviour with Lightfoot

In-cab Technology

An innovative solution that puts the driver in control

Endorsed by supermarkets, utilities and telecoms, rail and construction, and more…

Endorsed by supermarkets, utilities and telecoms, rail and construction, and more…

How it works

Transformative results

up to 15% MPG gain
up to 40% accident reduction
up to 45% downtime reduction

Many companies who turn to Lightfoot have had telematics systems for years which have always provided a wealth of data to managers who are then relied on to communicate this information back to drivers in a top-down way – inefficient, ineffective and outdated.

Companies have realised that this approach is fundamentally broken and the wrong way around. Instead, they look to Lightfoot’s bottom-up approach to engage drivers in real-time and reward them for their performance, empowering those in the driving seat to drive change.

Self-managing drivers

  • Virtually self-managing system
  • Removes the need for difficult conversations with drivers
  • Gives fleet managers back more time for other important activities
  • Proactive prevention, instead of penalties and performance management
  • No need to compile and analyse monthly reams of data (Telematics data is still available if required)

Elite Driver standard

The Lightfoot app is your go-to place for all things smooth driving

Nobody’s ever going to be 100% perfect—driving just isn’t like that. That’s why we set our Elite Driver standard at 85%.

  • With Lightfoot ‘off’, 3% of drivers achieve Elite
  • With Lightfoot ‘on’, 80% of drivers achieve Elite

This allows plenty of leeway for drivers to overtake other road users, quickly build speed on slip roads, and drive in other ways that are inefficient but necessary in everyday driving.

Customisation of in-cab messaging

Customisation of in-cab messaging

Lightfoot’s unique in-cab messaging technology is fully customisable and can be utilised for bespoke company communications requirements.

Find out more by speaking to one of our Fleet Specialists.

Driver ID

Driver Behaviour with Lightfoot

We recognise that it is critical for many fleets to have a driver ID system in order to optimise their operations and allocate their drivers' score correctly.

We have developed a simple Driver ID module to ensure that scores and rewards are attributed to individual drivers, rather than vehicles.

This can be used as an alert button by the driver which sends a notification to the fleet manager when pressed.

Press before ID code to log journey/s for ‘business’ mileage.

Press before ID code to log journey/s for ‘private/ personal’ mileage.

Endorsed by the Insurance Industry

Endorsed by the Insurance Industry

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