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Since installing Lightfoot, Tesco is now saving 7346 tonnes of CO2 per year across its entire grocery delivery fleet.

Asda has reduced the CO2 emissions of its 3000-strong fleet by 2482 tonnes annually since the rollout of Lightfoot.

Research from the University of Bath proves that Lightfoot can cut 5x the amount of NOx each vehicle produces.

Lightfoot: Proven to reduce fleet emissions

Efficiency is no longer the only performance driver for the modern fleet. Today, fleet operators and fleet managers are under increasing pressure to put responsibility and sustainability at the very top of their agenda.

Failure to consider such issues could not only result in negative press and reputational damage, it can also lead directly to fines and added expense.

Thankfully, Lightfoot can deliver an instant fix, helping fleets reduce harmful CO2 and NOx emissions by up to 15% and ensuring full fleet compliance with emissions and clean air regulations.

Cutting the carbon in every last mile

The entire Asda grocery delivery fleet was fitted out with Lightfoot in early 2021, in an effort to improve road safety and reduce emissions.

By training Asda's delivery drivers in real-time, the Lightfoot in-cab coaching device has made sure that they're consistently driving as efficiently as possible. The results have been incredible, with the fleet now saving a huge 2482 tonnes of CO2 per year. That's enough to power 9.1 million washing machine cycles or boil 52.4 million kettles.

Speaking on the difference that Lightfoot has made to Asda's vehicle emissions, Simon Gregg, Vice President of Online Grocery at Asda, said:

“Reducing our carbon footprint is really important to both us and our customers and schemes like this help us towards our goals of halving our direct carbon emissions by 2025 as we head towards our target of being carbon net zero by 2040.

“We’ve already seen the difference that Lightfoot’s technology has made to our operation and hope the partnership continues to help us improve our driver safety and the environment.”

Lightfoot ensures fleet Clean Air Zone compliance

The issue of compliance is more important than ever with more and more cities introducing Clean Air Zones (CAZs) and operators that breach set limits facing hefty penalties.

Currently, five UK cities have Clean Air Zones in operation with a further 49 areas set to follow suit in the near future.

Operating vehicles that breach emissions parameters can prove a costly mistake.

Here though, Lightfoot’s market-leading technology is a fleet manager’s best friend.

Lightfoot’s tracking technology knows exactly where every vehicle is at any given time and can be configured to instantly alert both driver and manager when a non-compliant vehicle approaches a CAZ so an alternative route can be planned.

Reducing emissions in real time

But Lightfoot is more than just a pure telematics system and is not just about paying lip service to environmental issues or complying with the rules to avoid fines. It helps fleets deliver real and lasting change across their vehicle operations and makes environmentally-friendly fleet management simple.

The system is proven to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 15% by coaching drivers in real-time to drive to drive more efficiently.

And it is one of the only ways fleets can reduce NOx and other harmful particulate emissions, thanks to its unrivalled ability to positively impact driver behaviours in real time.

Want to learn more about your fleet’s footprint?

Give our Fleet Sustainability Calculator a try. This free tool will help you measure your progress in 4 key areas of fleet management – environmental impact, financial strength, operational efficiency, and EV readiness, with tailored recommendations to help you take your fleet further.

Scientifically proven to reduce emissions

Lightfoot’s impact on harmful emissions, particularly NOx emissions, was the result of an in-depth study by a team from the University of Bath.

At the conclusion of the study, Chris Brace, Professor of Automotive Propulsion and Director of the Institute of Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (IAAPS), heralded Lightfoot as a game changer for modern fleet vehicles, addressing emissions in the real world.

His team found a direct correlation between aggressive driving and an increase in particulate emissions and proved that Lightfoot’s driver coaching could reduce emissions.

After the study the team heralded Lightfoot as one of the only ways of reducing harmful emissions from older, more polluting vehicles, given its ability to influence driver behaviour in real-time.

Crucially, all of this can be achieved without the need for top-down fleet management.

Instead, drivers are actively engaged in their own development and can see the positive impact their improved driving is having on the environment.

Future-proofing fleet sustainability

building a community of sustainable fleets

Lightfoot’s electric vehicle fleet management capabilities can also ensure fleets perform at their most sustainably well into the future.

The system has the power to ensure charging takes place at times of day that place the electricity grid under less pressure and to extend the range of any electric vehicle so it can travel further between battery charges.

While all this is happening, Lightfoot is also building a community of sustainable fleets. Driving with Lightfoot and becoming an Elite Fleet means you'll join a growing network of people who want to protect our planet and keep everyone safe.

Lightfoot allows all of us to drive a cleaner vehicle with a cleaner conscience.

Endorsed by the Insurance Industry

Endorsed by the Insurance Industry

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