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The Sovini Group is committed to reducing the environmental impact of their fleet whilst also improving safety on our roads.

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Reduce accidents and improve safety

The Sovini Group is committed to reducing the environmental impact of their fleet whilst also improving safety on our roads. Previously, The Sovini Group had traditional telematics fitted into their vehicles in order to help monitor driver performance and improvement. However, they still wanted to reduce accidents and improve safety amongst their drivers and therefore adopted Lightfoot in order to solve this issue. The Sovini Group has now fitted over 170 units across their fleet after experiencing significant improvements in driver behaviour during their trial of Lightfoot.

No longer has to analyse large quantities of data

The Sovini Group has always been proactive in monitoring their drivers’ performance and they continuously seek to improve efficiency. Since adopting Lightfoot, The Sovini Group no longer has to analyse large quantities of data, something that is common with the traditional telematics they previously used. Instead, Lightfoot provides weekly reports which help fleet managers to identify the small number of individuals who are not reaching their targets. This saves fleet management time and money, as they can easily fix any outlying issues and quickly return to maximum efficiency.

Instances of high-risk driving dropped from an average of 39 to 1.

Lee Daly, Group Fleet Manager at The Sovini Group, actively championed Lightfoot after recognising the wide array of benefits it provides to drivers, such as reductions in the frequency and associated cost of accidents. Since adopting Lightfoot, The Sovini Group has seen the number of instances of high-risk driving drop from an average of 39 to 1. They have also experienced reductions in fuel consumption, with average fuel savings of 8.4%.

He added

“As a not-for profit organisation we always look to reduce the cost of our fleets whilst also creating better and safer drivers, which is something that Lightfoot enables us to do.”

Rewarding their drivers

The next step for The Sovini Group is to launch a dedicated prize to reward their drivers. Alongside their new “Driver Perks” service, Lightfoot has also recently launched “Sponsored Leagues”, which allows suppliers, partners or insurers of a Lightfoot fleet to sponsor a dedicated league, ensuring one of the drivers wins every single week.

Mike Tansey, UK Fleet Practice Lead at RSA commented:

“With the reductions in claims and accident rates that Lightfoot delivers, RSA are delighted to support Sovini by providing dedicated driver rewards to maximise the impact that Lightfoot has”.

Lightfoot’s Partnership Director, Martin Kadhim, said:

“Sovini are a great example of exactly the kind of forward-thinking company that we love to work with. They actively champion Lightfoot and the way we engage directly with drivers to maximise the benefits to their fleet operations and costs”.

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