Lightfoot device and app, the new approach to fleet telematics

Elite fleet performance

Major fuel savings, CO2 reduction,
superior safety record.

Endorsed by the Insurance Industry

Endorsed by the Insurance Industry

Lightfoot's 5 Steps to Achieving Elite Fleet Performance

How it works

In-cab technology

Driver Behaviour with Lightfoot

Weekly in-app prizes


Happy drivers

Happy Drivers
equals massive savings

Massive savings

up to 15% MPG gain
up to 40% accident reduction
up to 40% accident reduction
up to 45% downtime reduction

In-cab technology

Weekly in-app prizes

Happy drivers

Massive fleet benefits

Endorsed by supermarkets, utilities and telecoms, rail and construction, and more…

Endorsed by supermarkets, utilities and telecoms, rail and construction, and more…

Elite technology

Real-time, intelligent system that understands the specific vehicle and load.

Lightfoot is like giving every driver a personal driving coach that understands their vehicle and the road, thanks to advanced technology that connects directly to the engine instead of relying on GPS.

Elite driver engagement

A revolutionary approach to fleet compliance, that uses rewards and incentives to sustain the best driving style long-term.

This coaching approach transforms driving style in just a few weeks, raising and sustaining performance by rewarding drivers and engaging them in a wider community, with useful in-app features, regular competitions, incentives and cash prizes on offer.

This delivers major, instant and sustained improvement that can reduce fleet fuel costs, save lives and the planet.

Elite management

Unlike other fleet management solutions, Lightfoot offers all the features you get from a telematics tracker, but with a whole lot more…

  • Full vehicle tracking
  • Driver ID
  • Geofences
  • Harsh events
  • Idling reports
  • First Notification of Loss
  • Walkaround vehicle checks
  • Business and Private expense reporting
  • Service, Tax and MOT reminders

Elite results

Electric Vehicle Fleet Management

Powerful electric vehicle fleet management makes the transition to EV easy and ensures you always get the best from your vehicles.

  • Increase the range of your electric vehicles with live ‘helpful nudge’ technology to train drivers on the go
  • Simplify and de-risk fleet EV charge expense management, by empowering drivers
  • A full EV telematics and fleet management solution that uses advanced AI to understands your electric vehicle
  • A future-proofed solution for mixed fleets (ICE and EV)

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