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Fleet size:

1600+ vans




fleet goals

Fleet goals:

Driver engagement, emissions reduction

fuel saving

MPG increase:


co2 reduction

CO2 reduction:

1621 tonnes


Dangerous driving:

94% reduction

Iceland Grocery Home Shopping

Iceland, the UK’s leader in frozen food, boasts nearly 1000 stores across the country. It operates a busy fleet of vehicles with delivery vans travelling between depots and high street stores, making plenty of home deliveries to customers. It can be a demanding job for the company’s drivers, and Iceland was keen to find a solution that would enable the supermarket to engage and reward its fleet at scale for the great work being carried out every day behind the wheel.

There are plenty of fleet management systems that purport to be driver-focused, but Iceland’s experience was that many of these simply provided reams and reams of data for their fleet managers to deal with. Another issue Iceland found with these traditional telematics solutions was their punitive nature, offering the team a stick to beat drivers with by collating the data of all their mistakes, rather than focusing on the positives to encourage better performance.

Fostering a culture of healthy competition and rewards

Small adjustments to the way a vehicle is driven can have a major effect on overall fleet performance.

Discovering Lightfoot’s award-winning van fleet management system and gamification platform was a pivotal moment for the frozen foods supplier, as finally Iceland had a way to reward its drivers whilst ensuring the fleet was delivering its best ever performance.

After running a free trial with us, which showed Iceland exactly what its fleet could achieve with the help of Lightfoot’s telematics devices, Iceland’s fleet management team were also pleased to find that the onboarding process was made as simple as possible. A straightforward deployment of Lightfoot within the fleet meant the supermarket could avoid any unnecessary vehicle downtime, and with the support of our expert team, Iceland was able to maintain business as usual, saving the management team a significant amount of time overall.

Once the rollout was complete, it didn’t take long for Iceland to start seeing results. With our in-cab driver coaching solution guiding drivers towards a safer, more sustainable method of vehicle handling, Iceland’s home delivery team have seen a 12.9% increase in fuel savings and the virtual eradication of riskier styles of driving. The number of fleet incidents has fallen, the amount of speeding fines has reduced, and insurance claims are down too. It’s no surprise – since introducing our technology into the fleet, we’ve seen Iceland’s Lightfoot penalty rate decrease by an incredible 99%, showing just how much more safely Iceland’s drivers are driving.

Once drivers have achieved Elite Driver status, they become eligible to enter competitions via the Lightfoot app, with prizes ranging from weekly cash lotteries of up to £100 to the latest tech, high street vouchers, gift experiences, and – more recently – Lightfoot’s biggest ever giveaways of four-figure sums through the Elite Driver Championship.

For Iceland drivers however, this isn’t all. Iceland has launched its own driver reward and recognition scheme off the back of Lightfoot’s success within the fleet, with the Lightfoot telematics system’s data feeding into the internal scheme. This is allowing Iceland to engage its fleet even more effectively by recognising those Elite level drivers within its ranks and ensuring their great driving is continuously celebrated.

Small adjustments to the way a vehicle is driven can have a major effect on overall fleet performance.

Laying the foundations for a net zero future

Cuts down on harmful emissions

It’s not just safety and MPG improvements that Iceland has benefitted from since rolling out Lightfoot’s fleet management system – the fleet is also on target to prevent 1621 tonnes of carbon emissions every year. This is equivalent to the same level of CO2 that’s removed from the atmosphere every year by a forest of 79,649 trees – or the equivalent emissions saved by switching 221 fleet vehicles to EVs.

For Iceland, this is helping to take the complexity out of the company’s ESG goals. For any fleet, electric vehicles bring added costs and can be complicated to manage, but Lightfoot is enabling Iceland to make its existing fleet vehicles greener and more efficient, giving the frozen foods supplier the time to focus on planning fleet electrification properly. Using the existing fleet’s data, our system is also able to help Iceland understand the feasibility of electrifying their fleet, including which vehicles and locations may be more suited at this time.

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Phil Cane, Senior Delivery Operations Manager at Iceland Foods, had this to say:

"Lightfoot was easy to implement, it’s simple to use, and it enables us to reduce emission levels within our fleet in an entirely different way.

By celebrating great performance from our drivers and engaging with them in a way that’s all about rewards and recognition, our drivers are now self-managing and self-moderating. That helps to generate a safer, happier, more motivated team of delivery drivers, which in turn brings business benefits including reduced costs, fewer accidents, and lower emissions. It’s a compelling win-win solution that helps us celebrate our team for the great job they are doing."

MPG increase

MPG increase

reduction <br>
dangerous driving

94% reduction
dangerous driving

CO2 reduction

1621 tonnes
of CO2 saved

Results that matter

The Iceland team have achieved great things already through the deployment of Lightfoot’s driver coaching telematics devices, and we’re anticipating bigger and better results as we continue to help them keep pushing forward in terms of both fleet performance and sustainability, including full electrification in the lead up to 2035.

If you’re looking for an advanced fleet management solution that will help you reduce emissions, cut fleet fuel costs, improve road safety, and motivate and reward your drivers, then look no further.

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