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5000+ vans



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Fleet goals:

Reducing emissions

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co2 reduction

CO2 reduction:

7346 tonnes


Harsh events:

75% reduction

Tesco Grocery Home Shopping

Tesco Grocery Home Shopping, the home delivery service from Britain’s leading supermarket, caters to an enormous customer base, delivering over a million online grocery orders every week.

The demand for the supermarket’s home delivery services soared to these heights during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with online orders leaping from an average of 650,000 a week to the million mark during the UK’s first lockdown.

It was at this time that Tesco turned to Lightfoot to help it proactively manage the environmental impact of its growing fleet. With around 4000 delivery vans before the pandemic began, the fleet was now taking on more and more vehicles and covering more miles across the country. More vans on the road meant a bigger carbon footprint, and Tesco was keen to put Lightfoot’s pioneering driver rewards technology to use in order to keep emissions as low as possible.

The road to cleaner driving

The impact that Lightfoot has had on the Tesco delivery fleet cannot be understated

The impact that Lightfoot has had on the Tesco delivery fleet cannot be understated – within the first year of the in-cab driver coaching technology’s deployment, Tesco was able to cut its CO2 emissions by an incredible 7346 tonnes. These remarkable results are the product of Lightfoot’s unique approach – engaging drivers and encouraging them to drive more smoothly, safely, and efficiently through fun app-based tech that rewards users for better driving.

Using patented nudge psychology, the Lightfoot dashboard device trains drivers whilst they’re out on the road, encouraging them to make minor adjustments to their driving style that result in major savings in fuel, emissions, and vehicle wear and tear. By coaching drivers to become steadier and smoother behind the wheel, Lightfoot also greatly improves driver safety, leading to an 84% decrease in dangerous driving and 40% fewer accidents on average.

At the end of each journey, a score is given and can be seen by the driver on the dedicated Lightfoot smartphone app. Using this app, drivers can see how their performance changes over time, enter leagues, and compete with their colleagues.

Best of all, anyone who reaches ‘Elite Driver’ status with a Lightfoot score of 85% or higher can enter the Lightfoot Drivers’ Lottery, giving them a chance of winning weekly cash prizes, while also taking advantage of special offers and giveaways.

A better fleet, a smaller footprint

Cuts down on harmful emissions

By curbing the CO2 output of its home delivery fleet by over 7000 metric tonnes, Tesco has made a huge dent in its carbon footprint with the help of Lightfoot’s innovative fleet management solution.

These savings are equivalent to:

  • Powering 1,334 family homes for a year
  • Removing 1,598 passenger vehicles from the roads
  • Charging 893,586,881 smartphones
  • Recycling 312,569 bags of rubbish

And it’s expected that the fleet will achieve even greater savings year-on-year as more Tesco Grocery Home Shopping drivers engage with Lightfoot’s tech, with employee engagement levels set to rise as emissions continue to fall.

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Matt Rhind, Distribution and Fulfilment Transport Director for Tesco, said:

"At Tesco we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact across our operations, from energy and waste to food production and distribution. We make 15,000 delivery journeys every day. The Lightfoot app gives every one of our home delivery drivers real-time feedback on their driving style so they can make immediate improvements and reduce their emissions on every trip they make."

MPG increase

MPG increase

in harsh acceleration

75% reduction
in harsh acceleration

CO2 saved

7346 tonnes
of CO2 saved

Results that matter

Lightfoot’s unique driver coaching system has been able to take Tesco’s already advanced driver efficiency and safety programme to the next level. Including in-vehicle cameras, telematics trackers, and driver trainers, the programme was delivering some results, but Tesco felt that more was needed.

Now with Lightfoot in place, Tesco is finally seeing results that far outweigh what its existing systems could offer in terms of both environmental impact, road safety, and driver engagement.

If you’re looking for an advanced fleet management solution that will help you reduce emissions, cut fleet fuel costs, improve road safety, and motivate and reward your drivers, then look no further.

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