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Results at a glance


Fleet size:

380 vans




fleet goals

Fleet goals:

Increasing safety, reducing emissions

fuel saving

MPG increase:


co2 reduction

Dangerous driving:

80% reduction



24% reduction

Improving driver behaviour

Breedon is a leading producer and supplier of construction materials operating in the UK and Ireland. In Britain, the company manages an extensive nationwide network of quarries and downstream operations, which are supported by its fleet of delivery vehicles.

The vans are an important part of the Breedon organisation, with its fleet of drivers considered the backbone of the business. In order to live up to its corporate values and create a workplace where employees feel safe, appreciated, and motivated to do their best; Breedon wanted a solution that would revolutionise its fleet – prioritising safety, the environment, and driver wellbeing. That’s where Lightfoot comes in.

Advantages in all areas

Reducing fuel consumption

Trialling Lightfoot’s award-winning fleet management system led to impressive results for Breedon, who saw instances of aggressive and inefficient driving dramatically reduce. This brought with it a 12.2% MPG uplift across the fleet, along with a 10.9% drop in CO2 emissions and a 24% reduction in time spent idling.

The safety of Breedon’s drivers also greatly benefitted, with dangerous driving incidents cut by 80%, including a 63% drop in harsh acceleration, a 28% reduction in sharp braking, and 19% less cornering at speed.

With these great outcomes, it wasn’t long before Breedon had rolled Lightfoot’s in-cab telematics devices out to 380 delivery vans, with the real-time driver coaching technology helping drivers to travel in a safer, steadier style using a combination of audible and visual alerts.

Now, Breedon’s drivers are more engaged and aware whilst out on the road. This helps to keep them safer in their daily duties while contributing to lower levels of vehicle wear and tear and fewer costs associated with downtime.

Protecting drivers and the planet

Cuts down on harmful emissions

The road safety improvements and financial savings brought about through the adoption of Lightfoot have been hugely beneficial for Breedon, but the environmental impact of smoother driving across the fleet is also an important milestone for the company.

The organisation has aspirations to deliver carbon neutral concrete by 2050, and also actively supports the Mineral Products Association’s ‘Roadmap to Beyond Net Zero’, which aims to remove more carbon from the atmosphere than the UK concrete and cement industry emits each year.

To reach these ambitious goals, the team at Breedon has been working at every level in the business to identify the right technology for the job, and Lightfoot has been the perfect fit in decarbonising their fleet. The company is now on target to reduce fleet emissions by 1651 tonnes of CO2 over the next five years - the equivalent of removing 359 passenger vehicles from the road.

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Nigel Clamp, Head of Health and Safety at Breedon, had this to say:

"By routinely recognising our staff, and encouraging positive competition through Lightfoot’s leagues, our drivers are motivated day in, day out to be better. That enhances positive competition and driver engagement in a way that has not been possible before and provides a win-win outcome at every level, from the individual driver through to the environment. As a result, we’ve gone from just 12% of our drivers achieving Elite Driver status during the Lightfoot blind trial period, to 100% consistently hitting that target each and every week. That’s driving big fuel savings and emissions reductions.

But that’s not all. Lightfoot’s technology also flags engine faults, MOT and tax renewal dates, and provides battery health alerts. These ancillary services allow us to operate our fleet as efficiently as possible, and deal with issues before they become a problem. Combined with impressive driver engagement levels, Lightfoot leaves traditional telematics far behind.”

MPG increase

MPG increase

idling reduction

24% reduction
in idling

dangous driving icon

80% reduction
in dangerous driving

Results that matter

From driving sustainable transformation to optimising driver performance and safety out on the road, Breedon is delivering positive change across its fleet one mile at a time. With Lightfoot’s van fleet management solution in place, the company is set to achieve its objectives through the power of driver reward, recognition, and reinforcement.

If you’re looking for an advanced fleet management solution that will help you reduce emissions, cut fleet fuel costs, improve road safety, and motivate and reward your drivers, then look no further.

Lightfoot can help you revolutionise your fleet for long-term, sustainable success. Make an enquiry or call us on 01392 340419 to find out more.

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