Every second counts

up to 15% MPG gain
up to 40% accident reduction
up to 45% downtime reduction

Customer - Cambian Group

Cambian Group

Cambian Group is one of the UK's leading children's specialist education and behavioural health service providers. Founded in 2004, it has grown to become a significant partner to the UK public sector. The Group's services have a specific focus on children who present high severity needs with challenging behaviours and complex care requirements.

Cambian have seen savings of:

    +8.3% Fuel saving

    -22% Fall in vehicle idling

    +50% Reduction in dangerous driving

Customer - Acorn Mobility case study

Sovini Gruop case study

Running a fleet delivering critical care and medical services means every second counts. Lightfoot’s self-managing driver rewards platform is the solution for you.

Introduced to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, fuel use and claims incidence, Lightfoot’s driver behaviour technology has already resulted in a miles per gallon saving of 12.3% and a 100% reduction in over speeding among its drivers.

Potential fuel savings calculator

Number of vehicles:

Annual mileage:

Base MPG:

Potential yearly fuel saving of

Since 2013, almost 250 businesses with over 50,000 drivers have trusted Lightfoot to improve their fleet efficiency – and deliver a return on investment.

Innovation in EVs

Lightfoot’s in-house engineering team work tirelessly to keep our proposition cutting edge and market-leading. The following EV functionality is available now and/or in live development:

Over 15% increase in range

Live in-cab feedback delivering more efficient EV drivers.

Management visibility of State of Charge (SOC)

Display Battery State of Charge (SOC) in management portal & tracking.

Driver ‘ownership’ of SOC

Display SOC in the Lightfoot Driver app and directions to nearest charge point.

Battery degradation monitoring

Visibility of battery health enables vehicle redistribution & replacement planning.

Data integration with charging infrastructures

Optimisation of EV utilisation & charging, managed route planning to nearest charge point, electricity theft insights and prevention.

Endorsed by the Insurance Industry

Endorsed by the Insurance Industry

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