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Fleet size:

170 vans




fleet goals

Fleet goals:

Increasing safety, reducing costs

fuel saving

MPG increase:


co2 reduction

CO2 reduction:

180 tonnes


Accident reduction:


Lightfoot’s patented nudge system

Acorn Mobility Services is the world’s leading independent company specialising solely in the manufacturing and installation of stairlifts. The stairlifts are custom-built in Acorn’s factories in Yorkshire and Scotland, and on average, one is fitted every 8 minutes.

This means that for Acorn Mobility Services, the fleet is one of the most important parts of the business, as installation engineers travel throughout the UK and Europe to deliver and set up the stairlifts in question. With this in mind, the company were after a solution that would help them lock in greater operational savings, improve road safety, and lower the environmental impact of their vans.

A change for the better

Lightfoot’s patented nudge system

Lightfoot was introduced to Acorn Mobility in 2019, and after trialling and deploying our revolutionary fleet management technology across its fleet of over 170 LCVs, the company hasn’t looked back.

Acorn had been using a fleet telematics system prior to Lightfoot, but found that the results never lived up to what was promised. Like many fleet management solutions, it only offered retrospective driver coaching, meaning any incidents of harsh or dangerous driving would have occurred long before the driver received feedback. This made any changes to driver behaviour slow and unreliable, as there were no prompts or incentives to break the habits of a lifetime.

By delivering a driver training solution with a difference, Lightfoot has been able to transform the Acorn fleet over the last few years. Instead of producing more work for fleet managers by providing retroactive driving data and thereby creating the need for awkward conversations and punitive measures, Lightfoot offers a radical new approach. Instead, drivers receive real-time feedback from the in-cab device, allowing them to adjust their driving in the moment, correct risky behaviours, and have a safer, more efficient style of driving become second nature. This prevents incidents from ever occurring and gives drivers the opportunity to become self-managing, with the Lightfoot Driver App rewarding the improvements in driving performance through weekly competitions, prize giveaways, leader boards, and exclusive discounts.

A win for fleet safety and sustainability

Cuts down on harmful emissions

The result of Lightfoot’s radically different approach has been a series of incredible achievements for the Acorn Mobility Services fleet.

With their drivers now driving in a smoother fashion and avoiding dangerous behaviours such as rapid acceleration, harsh braking, and sharp cornering, the fleet has seen a 40% reduction in road traffic collisions. Not only does this mean that the fleet is safer, but it’s also helped to lower operational expenses in a number of key areas. Fewer accidents means fewer unexpected vehicle repairs, but that’s not all – before using Lightfoot, Acorn’s yearly at fault claims summary was around £180,000. Now, it’s just £13,000.

This isn’t the only major financial saving for the business – with an 11% increase in MPG, Acorn Mobility is saving around £90,000 annually on fuel costs, as the increased mileage from gentler driving has led to big savings at the pumps.

A reduction in fuel usage is also a win for the environment, as fewer emissions are produced on every journey. In fact, the fleet of installation engineers is on track to save around 180 tonnes of CO2 each year.

It’s not just the savings and risk management aspect that make Lightfoot a great fit for Acorn – according to fleet manager Pete Hodgson, it’s the service they receive as well.

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Here’s what Pete had to say:

"The Lightfoot team are great to work with. What I’ve found in the past is that people will sell you these systems, and then won’t even ring you to see how you’re getting on. Whereas if I ring [our account manager] Jade now, I know she’ll answer. So the interaction and support from Lightfoot is really good."

MPG increase

MPG increase

dangous driving icon

40% accident reduction

CO2 reduction

180 tonnes
of CO2 saved

Results that matter

With Lightfoot in place, Acorn Mobility Services is on track to continue seeing fantastic results, including hitting the upcoming milestone of 500 tonnes of CO2 saved since the telematics devices were rolled out!

If you’re looking for an advanced fleet management solution that will help you reduce emissions, cut fleet fuel costs, improve road safety, and motivate and reward your drivers, then look no further.

Lightfoot offers so much more than fleet telematics – but yes, we do that too – and can help you revolutionise your fleet for long-term, sustainable success. Make an enquiry or call us on 01392 340419 to find out more.

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