Boost staff engagement with The Drivers’ Lottery

  • Ingenious Drivers’ Lottery can have big benefits for business. 
  • Exceptional driver engagement helps businesses clock up big fuel savings and carbon reductions. 
  • Staff morale, recruitment and retention also benefit. 
  • Business drivers engage through fun smartphone app. 
  • Drivers clocking up improvements can win cash prizes of up to £200 in weekly draw

An innovative lottery-based incentive programme with weekly cash prizes could help businesses hit a staff engagement jackpot while cutting costs and making environmental gains. 

The Drivers’ Lottery is an ingenious driver improvement incentive developed by Devon-based tech firm Lightfoot. Backed by Innovate UK, it is already proving a win-win for hundreds of major businesses nationwide, including Tesco and Asda

It works alongside Lightfoot’s state-of-the-art tech, which takes data from a company vehicle’s onboard computers and translates it into real-time feedback and coaching, to help business drivers drive more smoothly, safely and efficiently. Results then appear on an engaging smartphone app, where drivers can check their progress, compete with colleagues, issue challenges, and claim other rewards. 

Those who achieve a target standard which helps benefit the environment, are entered into The Drivers’ Lottery, which pays out dozens of prizes of up to £200 every week. Launched in 2019, the fast-growing lottery has already paid out more than £50,000 in prizes to competing drivers. 

By gamifying driver improvement, Lightfoot engages with drivers in a way that hasn’t previously been possible, encouraging active participation and ongoing driver improvement. 

Currently, more than 60% of drivers signed up to use Lightfoot are engaging regularly and of those that are, a score of just 85% is needed to enter the weekly Drivers’ Lottery and trigger big gains for them and their employer. 

So far, Lightfoot clients are achieving average savings of 9.5% on their fuel bills, significant carbon and NOX reductions and up to a 40% cut in accident rates. Feedback from customers suggests driver recruitment and retention has also improved significantly. 

Lightfoot CEO, Mark Roberts, said: 

Lightfoot makes a massive impact on fleet performance by turning drivers on rather than turning them off. Our whole strategy is to help fleet operators make big gains by putting the driver at the centre of everything we do.” 

He added:

The Drivers’ Lottery has been an incredible success and has played a big role in helping us achieve fantastic levels of driver engagement across our client base. 

“As the Drivers’ Lottery goes from strength-to-strength this year, so too does our ability to make a real and sustainable difference to fleet operations and the environment. 

“That’s the beautiful thing about Lightfoot. We’re helping to encourage and incentivise employees with the offer of rewards that are directly connected to better driving.  

We’re liberating those businesses that have previously pushed and failed to make employees drive better, penalising them when they don’t achieve, without giving them the tools or reason to be better. That’s a fail-fail culture. We’re creating the complete opposite; a win-win culture. 

“This approach has a fantastic effect on morale, staff recruitment and retention. It also drives bigger fleet savings and carbon reductions.” 

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