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Fleet size:

172 vans



Environmental services

fleet goals

Fleet goals:

Sustainability, safety

fuel saving

Fuel saving:


co2 reduction

CO2 reduction:

31.5 tonnes



10% reduction

Cuts down on harmful emissions

Lucion Services have made it their mission to protect people and the planet through their work. As a holistic environmental services supplier specialising in hazardous materials testing, inspection, and environmental management solutions, they are committed to making the world a safer place.

It was this guiding ethos that led Lucion to partner with Lightfoot. Aware that their business activities have an impact on the environment around them, Lucion were keen to introduce sustainable initiatives to all areas of their work - and Lightfoot was the ideal solution for their fleet of 172 vans.

It’s clear that reducing CO2 emissions can play a big part in helping the planet and creating a better world for everyone to live in, but by also encouraging safer driver behaviour, Lightfoot is helping Lucion Services to really make a difference in all areas of their fleet.

The journey to a greener fleet

Lightfoot’s patented nudge system

Lightfoot works by connecting to each vehicle’s computer and using live engine data to provide visual and audible feedback in real-time.

The device is fitted to the dashboard, where it delivers ‘nudge psychology’ based coaching for drivers whilst they’re on the road, helping them to make small adjustments as they drive that lead to a smoother, more efficient driving style overall.

These gradual, sustained improvements to the way fleet vehicles are driven can have a big impact, as Lucion Services have discovered during the last year of using Lightfoot. Improving engine performance and changing driver behaviour are two key factors when it comes to decarbonising a fleet, and Lucion’s drivers have come a long way on their environmental mission since the devices were installed.

By adopting a more economical driving style, Lucion have drastically improved the performance of their vehicles and reduced their carbon footprint. In the last 12 months, the fleet has saved an incredible £14,000 in fuel, resulting in 31.5 fewer tonnes of CO2 being released. A decrease in idle time has played a big part in this, with Lucion’s drivers reducing the time that was spent with their vehicles idling (engine running but not moving) by as much as 10%.

Based on these great results and their predicted company growth, Lucion Services estimate that over a five-year period of using Lightfoot, they’ll prevent almost 1000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the Earth’s atmosphere. This is equivalent to the carbon absorbed in one year by over a thousand acres of forest.

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Ross Boulton, Lucion’s Chief Technical Officer, had this to say:

"The environmental impact that can be achieved through changing our habits is huge. Technology is enabling us, but it is dependent on the long-term commitment of companies and individuals. The need to be proactive in adapting the way we drive is now more important than ever. We are determined to see a positive change in the landscape of our business. Lightfoot’s innovative technology has allowed Lucion to take the necessary steps to reaching our carbon goals.”

A safer future ahead

Popular prizes

Lightfoot helps businesses make long-term advancements to their fleets through a unique and highly successful approach of incentivisation and rewards. Driver engagement is key to any sustained change, and Lightfoot has been created with this very much at its core.

The Lightfoot Driver App adds a new dimension to the in-cab coaching element, bringing in gamification to further encourage participation among drivers. On the app, drivers are scored out of 100 for every journey, with the aim of reaching Elite Driver status which requires a score of 85 or higher.

Attaining Elite Driver status grants drivers access to the weekly Drivers’ Lottery and special giveaways where they have the opportunity to win cash prizes, experiences, and rewards. They can also compete in league tables, creating healthy competition within businesses and throughout local regions.

For Lucion Services, this has proved particularly effective at engaging their fleet. When Lightfoot was first introduced, they set an ambitious target where every single driver would be striving to achieve Elite Driver status. They are now well on their way to reaching this goal, with a fantastic 81.7% of their drivers having hit Elite Driver status during the past year and an average Lightfoot score of 87.9 across the entire Lucion fleet.

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In real-world terms, this means that Lucion Services now have a fleet that is exponentially safer, more reliable, and more engaged. Chris Parr, Lucion’s Technical Director, summed up the benefits:

"By educating and giving our drivers the 'heads-up' through the Lightfoot in-cab system and app our drivers can take control of their driving style and identify where they can improve, this benefit is two-fold with improved awareness and more considered, considerate driving plus improved efficiency."

MPG increase

fuel Saving

idling reduction

10% reduction
in idling

CO2 reduction

31.5 tonnes
of CO2 saved

Results that matter

Lucion Services is a great example of a business taking a positive, proactive approach to make roads safer, the environment cleaner, and fleet management easier. They are increasingly aware of the impact their business has on the world and are now well on track to decarbonise their fleet of 172 vans, with Lightfoot at the heart of their strategy.

If you’re looking for an advanced fleet management solution that will help you reduce emissions, cut fleet fuel costs, improve road safety, and motivate and reward your drivers, then look no further.

Lightfoot offers so much more than fleet telematics – but yes, we do that too – and can help you revolutionise your fleet for long-term, sustainable success. Make an enquiry or call us on 01392 340419 to find out more.

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