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Sustainable driving
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How will sustainable driving help me?

It doesn’t matter how often you drive or what car you have, sustainable driving means more miles from every tank of fuel.

Accident reduction

Only a very privileged few can afford to stop driving or buy an electric vehicle.

Lightfoot allows all of us to drive a cleaner car with a cleaner conscience.

The University of Bath verified that Lightfoot reduces CO2, NOx, and particulate emissions by 10-20%.

No matter who you are or what you drive, Lightfoot will help you tread a little more lightly as you get from A to B.

How sustainable?

The results are transformative

The Typical Traveller
8,000mi p/a

0.2t CO2 Reduction

Which equals

Planting 9 trees
Planting 9 trees
Save £160

Which equals

1,764 Extra miles

The Classic Commuter
14,000mi p/a

0.35t CO2 Reduction

Which equals

Planting 9 trees
Planting 14 trees
Save £280

Which equals

2,940 Extra miles

The Major Motorist
20,000mi p/a

0.45t CO2 Reduction

Which equals

Planting 9 trees
Planting 18 trees
Save £400

Which equals

4,116 Extra miles
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Earn, win, save

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As a sustainable driver, you’re doing your bit to help our planet.

We think that’s awesome. And we think that good things should come back to good people.

That’s why we reward better drivers with free entry to…

The movement

Lightfoot is building a community of sustainable drivers.

Driving with Lightfoot and becoming an Elite Driver means you join a growing network of people who want to protect our planet and keep everyone safe.

Being an Elite Driver is a badge of honour – wear it with pride.

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