Fleet Manager Guide: The Driver App


This blog has been written for the benefit of our Fleet Managers, if you are a company driver and you would like to activate your Lightfoot personal account the please get in touch with your fleet manager or complete this form here.

Benefits of a Lightfoot account

Lightfoot allows your drivers to view their individual scores, the driver can see all of their journey data which puts them in control of their own score. This, alongside Driver Leagues, encourages drivers to maximise their score.

Drivers regularly scoring 85% and above will hear significantly less from Lightfoot. However, it is always there if they begin to drive inefficiently.

Drivers who score 85% and above are eligible to access rewards and enter competitions, including the Drivers’ Lottery, which allows them to win money for their driving.

If your drivers have private use of the vehicles, they can use journey reporting to manage expenses and mark journeys as business/private.

How to set up activations

Log on to the portal. Go to Configuration > Fleet Drivers > Click on the driver’s name that you wish to activate.

Icon key:

  • Red: Driver has never been sent their activation code
  • Blue: Driver has been sent their activation code but has not responded
  • Green: Driver has activated their account

At the bottom of the page is a section called ‘Invite Driver’. If the drivers email address has not been added to the system you can enter it here and then press send.

Please note: If the activation code box is blank you will need to refresh the page.

The driver will then receive an email asking them to ‘Activate Now!’ They will need to follow this link and create their log in details. The link will autofill their activation code for them.

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