Hall’s Electrical becomes first Lightfoot Reseller

Hall's Electrical employees stood with Lightfoot employees, smiling

Hall’s Electrical, the largest auto electrical service provider in the south of England, has become the first UK-based Lightfoot Reseller. Established in the 1970s, Hall’s is a major supplier to commercial fleets across the country, specialising in commercial vehicle safety products including vehicle CCTV, proximity sensors, and fleet management technology. With this in mind, the reasons for the businesses to partner are clear.

Lightfoot’s Value-Added Reseller programme launched in May 2019 as part of a strategic objective to take Lightfoot into new markets. Hall’s Electrical will be the first UK-based Lightfoot Reseller and, therefore, will be providing a full service to clients interested in Lightfoot’s driver rewards technology – from sales to installation and first line customer support. Hall’s is leading a new wave of Lightfoot partners as the Devon-based company continues winning clients in the fleet sector.

The move follows a year of significant growth for Lightfoot, especially noteworthy for the £3.2m investment deal from the Business Growth Fund, in September 2018.

Announcing the first Lightfoot Reseller

Firstly, David Nicholls, Growth Manager at Lightfoot, said:

“Hall’s Electrical is a company that shares many of the same values as Lightfoot – customer needs and success are at the heart of everything they do. Hall’s Electrical see the future of driver engagement with Lightfoot and we are both committed to getting this new, unique and innovative technology into the hands of every UK driver.”

Anthony Bowles, UK Sales Manager at Hall’s Electrical, added:

“We see in Lightfoot a shift in the way fleets interact with their drivers. Lightfoot is the first company to really think about the human in the machine. Because of this, drivers are now engaged in real-time and rewarded for their good driving. This partnership is the start of something really big for us both.”

The businesses will commence working together following an onboarding bootcamp at Lightfoot’s Innovation Valley HQ in the coming weeks. The Hall’s Electrical team will receive Lightfoot Reseller training, covering everything needed to successfully market, sell, install, and support Lightfoot’s unique technology.

Mark Roberts, founder and CEO of Lightfoot, commented:

“This certainly marks an important period of growth for the business. We’ve built the product and userbase, we’ve secured the investment, and now we’re on a mission of aggressive expansion into a market that’s been crying out for a solution just like Lightfoot. Therefore, having Hall’s Electrical on board, and to offer them a new revenue stream, is a sweet moment.

We’re putting an end to Big Brother black boxes and putting drivers in charge. Hall’s Electrical understand the value in this and we are so delighted to have them on board as our first UK Value-Added Reseller. I can’t wait to see what we achieve together.”