Newsflash: new starters!


New starters are coming thick and fast, but before we get into that… Want to hear a joke?

Q: What did the disruptive tech company say after it grew its customer base massively, secured significant investment, and expanded into the consumer market?

A: Better hire some new people to keep up with demands.

Okay, not my finest work. But what it lacks in humour it makes up for in truth.

That’s why we’re here again – we’ve still got newbies flooding through the doors of Innovation Valley and it’s time you met some more of our great new starters.

This week, they come bearing military experience, heritage from one of Britain’s iconic pig towns, and stories of an afternoon tea with the Queen!

David Nicholls – Growth Manager

David has recently moved back to Devon with his wife after several years spent working abroad. With a CV spanning everything from half a decade in the armed forces to founding and running a consumer technology company, David is well-placed to help Lightfoot go global in his role of Growth Manager. He believes that “Lightfoot embodies the mantra of tech for good” and is “so excited to join the incredible Lightfoot team on this amazing journey.” Welcome, David!

  • Murder mystery intuition: 100% whodunnit guess rate
  • Creator of: Recipes, holiday plans, apps, everything he can
  • Favourite food: Lasagne
  • Dream car: Tesla Model S

Nicky Davies – Commercial Coordinator and Assistant to the CEO

Nicky has joined Lightfoot as the lynchpin of the Commercial department and to ensure Mark, our CEO, is where he should be at all times. She’s actually got superpowers. Nicky has lived in Devon for six years, having previously been based near Ascot where she managed a private estate. Her hobbies include interior design, pilates, and cheering on her son Dylan at weekend football matches. She might not look like your typical footy hooligan, but I wouldn’t risk crossing her.

  • Royal connections: Shared a cuppa with the Queen
  • Favourite child: Definitely Nala (cocker spaniel)
  • Favourite food: Noodles
  • Dream car: Audi Q5 (the muddier the better)

Annabell Martin – Junior Data Analyst

Annabell has joined the Product Management team to work with Nick, helping to extend and improve our in-house data reporting. Annabell has joined Lightfoot “to get back into [her] love of being involved in data analysis” and loves that the first time she came to Innovation Valley, “everyone was super friendly, forward thinking and energetic”. Annabell lives with her partner in Cranbrook and spends most of her free time at the yard, “being thrown around by horses”!

  • Porcine connections: Born in Tamworth, home of the eponymous pigs
  • Game of choice: World of Warcraft or Skyrim (PC only)
  • Favourite food: Roast dinner
  • Dream car: Audi R8 (in white)

There they are, more new starters – and what a lovely bunch they are. Everyone has settled into the Lightfoot family brilliantly and we couldn’t be happier to have them on board. There are even more newbies to tell you about soon so, as always, keep your eyes on the prize… The prize being this fantastically curated blog.

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