How much could your driving cost you?


Avoiding driving fines isn’t just a matter of not parking on double yellows and staying within the speed limit. There are dozens of fines out there that are catching drivers out regularly. Let’s try a little roleplay (keep an open mind, okay?):

It’s raining and you’re hungry. What do you do?

Hop in the car for a quick trip to the shops – it’s only a couple of minutes away, forget the seatbelt.

Drive past the bus stop and splash the poor saps waiting – accidentally, of course.

Then, on your way back, tuck into that sausage roll you just bought – because you’re just too hungry to wait any longer.

Not outside the realms of possibility, is it?

My dear reader, that could cost you £5,600.

One in six UK drivers (that’s nearly 6 million of us!) are confused about driving laws and are unaware that some of our (seemingly) innocuous driving habits are actually illegal, with the potential to cost us a LOT of money.

The whizzes at have created a driving fines calculator for you to see the damage your everyday habits could inflict on your wallet.

Time for a bit of honesty.

Check the boxes below for any of the offences you’ve ever committed, innocently or otherwise, and see how much it could have cost had you been caught!

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But which offences catch the most people out?

24% of drivers are unaware that charging a passenger to make a profit is illegal.

22% of drivers are unaware that flashing another driver to warn them of a speed trap is illegal.

21% of drivers are unaware that splashing a pedestrian by driving through a puddle is illegal.

17% of drivers are unaware that driving with an unrestrained pet is illegal.

It’s worth brushing up on your Highway Code to ensure you aren’t committing any driving offences without realising.

If you want a quick overview of some of the most common confusions over driving laws, check out this guide.

Keep within the laws, keep safe on the road, and keep your hard-earned cash in your bank!

If you do get caught out by some sneaky fines and start haemorrhaging money, there is a way to change your everyday driving into a tool for earning and saving. Self-promotion doesn’t sit so comfortably with me (good job I work in Marketing, right?) so, can I just leave this link here? Click it if you’re interested, but nobody’s pressuring you.

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