Top 5 blog posts of winter 18/19

Winter is officially over and spring is finally here – the season of flowers, showers, and a lot of excitement for the good weather ahead (those summer holidays are getting closer!)

Before we get into sunnier days, we wanted to put together our top blog posts from winter 2018/19. Have a look and see if you missed any.

1) A spate of new starters

We had lots of new faces joining the company over winter to make our product and service even better. You can read all about them and their backgrounds, as well as some more personal information such as favourite foods, dream cars, hidden talents and much more.

Click here to hear from these awesome additions to the Lightfoot family!

2) Lightfoot at CES

At the beginning of the new year, Dan and Paul from our Commercial team went to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. We sent them on their way with promises that they wouldn’t put all of their wages on red, and instead that they would show Lightfoot off to the expected 180,000 attendees. Impressive stuff!

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3) 5 ways to make car ownership less expensive

The aim of this blog post was to share some quick tips for you to cut the costs of owning and running your car. We know owning a car is a necessity for most of us and seeing prices continue to rise is making the struggle even harder.

Click here to read our 5 top tips!

4) Fleet Driver of the Week – Stephen Baylis (Virgin Media)

“Lightfoot has definitely changed my driving style. I can tell the difference because I get more miles in between fill-ups. It has also changed the way I drive my own car – by adopting the same driving style, I save on fuel. It’s win win!”

Click here to read all about his job, hobbies, what’s on top of his bucket list and more!

5) The Montel group of companies slash carbon footprint following a year with Lightfoot

“In the 12 months since the Montel group of companies deployed Lightfoot, we have recorded an 80% reduction in at-fault claims. This has been a great result for all parties involved – their drivers are demonstrably safer thanks to Lightfoot, the company reduces their costs, and we know our customer takes risk seriously and promotes driver safety wherever possible.”

Scott Batty, Head of Broking at Dunsby Associates

Click here to read the full case study!

Thank you for reading our most popular blog posts from winter 18/19. We are looking forward to starting the next season with more news, tips and challenges – so keep an eye out for lots more exciting content to come!