Cat litter at the ready – let’s finally clear up condensation


Condensation affecting your vehicle? We have a feline fix for you (along with some other less peculiar options).

The motoring whizzes at have put together an expert guide to help you find some clarity when condensation next strikes.

A quick overview of their cunning suggestions for clearing condensation can be found below…

1. Clean up your act

Get your microfibre cloths out, ladies and gents… It’s time to shine.

Dirt particles on the inside of your windows give any moisture in the vehicle a surface to which they can attach. For those not in the loop – that’s bad.

So, get yourself a proper window cleaner and microfibre cloth (AutoGlym kits, in our expert opinion, should be your go to – we often give them away as prizes!) and clean things up in your vehicle.

This is also good life advice in general and is guaranteed to impress when it comes to your next hot date. Just remember to mention Lightfoot in your vows.

2. Lose the raincoat

If you leave your soggy coat, umbrella, dog towels, miniature water features, or goldfish bowls in your vehicle… What are you playing at? Bringing damp items like that into a closed space is foolishness of the highest order and, to be honest, you deserve wet windows if you’re behaving like this.

Take them out of the vehicle and you will be removing a major source of moisture.

3. Tights, cat litter, and a very difficult conversation with your next passenger

This is true Blitz spirit – get into the make do and mend mindset and load up your oldest pair of tights with a good helping of kitty litter.

Stick with me on this, because it does make sense in the end.

Cat litter does a great job of absorbing liquids. Years of cat-ownership has proven it.

Condensation is caused by moisture (aka a liquid) in your vehicle.

Therefore, if our highly scientific calculations are correct, absorbing that liquid will reduce the risk of condensation.

So bring out the (unused) cat litter, fill up your hosiery, and be prepared with a clear and confident explanation for when you have to give the in-laws a lift next Sunday.

4. Let it breathe

Let’s get zen for a minute.

Taking time to breathe is pretty vital. Opening up the lungs, taking in a healthy dose of fresh air, and letting the breeze flow through your hair (sorry Phil Mitchell acolytes) can make the world of difference.

It’s no different when it comes to your vehicle.

We’re steadily leaving the woes of winter behind us so, on the next pleasant spring day – with the warbling of the chiffchaffs hanging in the soft air and your heart filled with the hope of new beginnings – let your trusty old motor breathe a little too.

Put those windows down, let the breeze come through and your vehicle will air out a treat.

A quick note: this is best done if you are in, or within sight of, your vehicle. Lightfoot does not recommend leaving your windows wide open and spending the afternoon in the beer garden.

5. The classic

Sometimes, despite all your best efforts and the smell of cat litter hanging in the air, your vehicle will still end up full of condensation.

Your go to move, if your local MP is not available, should be to turn on your fans and blow a lot of hot air at the windscreen, along with wiping down the condensation with a clean cloth.

If you’ve got some glitzy extras such as A/C (to dry out the air) and heated windscreens (to warm up the glass), stick those bad boys on and you will be on your way to 20/20 vision.

And there you have it. Five top tips that will serve you in good stead in your war on water.

Let us know if you try the cat litter trick – remember, if it sounds stupid but it works, it isn’t stupid.