2,500 potholes reported DAILY in 2017/18


A sadly familiar sight for drivers on Britain’s potholed roads

Confused.com has released a new study detailing the shocking depth of the UK’s pothole problem.

In 2017/18, over 905,000 potholes were reported to local councils and are estimated to have cost drivers almost £3,000,000 in damage to their vehicles. In fact, 1 in 3 drivers surveyed said they have, at some point, suffered damage to their vehicle as a result of potholes. Read confused.com’s helpful guide to claiming for pothole damage if you are one of those drivers.

The worst affected area was the South East, with over 120,000 reported potholes totalling a depth of 4,830m. That’s almost as deep as the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea!

confused.com have put together a striking interactive animation to truly illustrate the depth of this problem. Go for a scroll on the graphic below. Just be warned it might take you a while…

Created by Confused.com (view the full interactive)