My Lightfoot work experience – Tyler Morrish

Tyler Morrish Lightfoot Work Experience

This is a guest post written by Tyler Morrish, who joined Lightfoot for two weeks of work experience in January 2019. He was a pleasure to have in the team and we really appreciated all of the help he gave us in those two weeks. Thank you, Tyler. Come back any time!

Spending two weeks in this buzzing work environment has really given me the opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge to the real world. While studying my first term of Business Management at university, I’ve learnt in depth about entrepreneurial behaviour, start-ups and organisational behaviour. Working at Lightfoot has given me the opportunity to observe these things in action. My course also has a big emphasis on sustainability in business. This has taught me awareness and concern for environmental issues and how firms can be socially responsible in relation to them. Seeing Lightfoot share this concern meant that I really connected and cared about the work I was doing.

One of the many things that stood out to me about Lightfoot was their HQ. Their recent award win, claiming the title of Best Workspace in the Greater Exeter area, really piqued my interest and I just knew I wanted to spend time working here. Now I can see why they won the award! The open plan layout promotes team and interdepartmental communication and as a result, I felt a part of the team working towards a common goal. The modern and colourful interior makes it an enjoyable, lively place to be and encourages creative thinking in every aspect. I like to think of it as the Google of the South West!

From the moment I stepped through the door of the aptly named Innovation Valley, everyone was extremely welcoming. They were happy to help me get the best out of the experience and enabled me to contribute to their efforts. On day one, I was given autonomy to carry out my tasks which showed that the people around me really believed and trusted in my capability. This helped me feel confident in an environment that was completely new to me. During my time, I was able to sit in on meetings, research competitors and potential sales leads, write a blog post about Lightfoot attending CES (amongst others), stock take, create customer and staff surveys, attend a creative lunch, manage social media, research clothing manufacturers, and hold a presentation. Now I can say I’ve been to The Ritz!

The growth of the brand also really interested me. As a young driver familiar with telematics technology from my own car insurance, when I looked into Lightfoot, I found it took a completely different approach. From this moment, I realised how different its use was from the black boxes young drivers are used to. This innovation means there’s lots of exciting opportunities for growth and scalability. It’s obvious when you see the leadership, enthusiasm and hard work ethic from within that Lightfoot is really going places. To think, if you could be part of any great start-up like Uber or Facebook as it grew, wouldn’t you?

I’d like to say a really big thank you to all the team at Lightfoot for giving me this fantastic opportunity. I’ve learnt so much and also found it a really rewarding and enjoyable experience.

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