Top five blog posts in 2018

2018 has been a plentiful year of exciting changes and growth. With new starters week after week, our new home, a huge investment, the launch of our consumer product and a host of sparkling awards – it’s safe to say it’s been a good one!

With so much going on, we decided to put our top five blog posts together to summarise some of the most important news from 2018. Have a look and see if you missed any!

1) The move

This was one of the most exciting changes for all of us. After talking about it for what felt like forever, it finally happened and we have loved our new home from the first minute we set foot in it! The customised design, the space, the views… everything is 10/10 and we couldn’t ask for a better workspace – honestly!

Click here to read the full blog post and you can even watch a video of the new facility… Enjoy!

2) Lightfoot’s consumer launch

Our driver rewards technology was so popular with our fleet customers that we had no other option but to make it available to any private motorist. Anybody concerned about making our roads safer, saving money and saving the environment (and being rewarded with lots of exciting prizes and discounts) can now make it all happen with Lightfoot! Since our launch, we’ve had all sorts of great people joining the Lightfoot community, from competitive families to young drivers who needed to save fuel. We are proud to see how much people are enjoying Lightfoot, its benefits, and, of course, its rewards.

You can read more about the launch here.

3) The WIN250 League

Following the exciting launch of our consumer product, we wanted to make sure all our new Lightfoot drivers were properly rewarded for the good they are doing in the world. So, we started a new competition: The WIN250 League! Now, every private motorist has the chance to win a weekly cash prize of £250 – not bad, eh?

You can read more about the competition here – good luck!

4) Lightfoot secures £3.2m BGF investment

We were delighted to announce a major investment from BGF (the Business Growth Fund). As part of the deal, we have welcomed Martin McCourt (ex-CEO of Dyson) to our Board as an investor and non-executive Chairman and Ned Dorbin (of BGF). This investment puts further weight behind Lightfoot’s global aspirations and wider UK consumer launch.

You can read more about it here.

5) Lightfoot ends 2018 with a flourish

There’s nothing better than finishing the year with two awesome awards recognising our hard work. As mentioned before, we work in such an amazing workspace, and, of course, there has been a lot of effort put in behind the scenes to build and design our new home. Therefore, it makes it that bit sweeter to have won the ‘Best Workspace’ award at the Space Awards, organised by Exeter-based workplace designers Space.

But that’s not all… our engineers were also recognised for their hard work on our exceptional product with the Digital Engineering/Technology Award at the made in the South West Awards. We are now in the 2019 UK-wide finals, so cross your fingers!

You can read more about these awards here.

Thank you for reading our most popular blog posts from 2018. We are looking forward to starting 2019 with more energy and exciting news than ever before – so keep an eye out and don’t miss any!