A spate of new starters

A spate of new starters - Lightfoot

It’s been months, I know. We’ve had loads going on – cool projects with customers and partners, a consumer launch, new competitions, a few award wins, an awesome investment deal from BGF, sorting our Driver of the Year award… It’s been busy, okay?

Enough about the woes of reporting rapid growth and exciting news, let’s finally hear from some of the awesome additions to the Lightfoot family from the last few months.

Tiffany Bale – Relationships Manager

Tiff joins Lightfoot after 3 years at Global Media, saying we are “the best of everything you could ask for”, which is rather lovely of her. She loves being part of a “growing business that’s doing something good, all with lots of lovely people in the gorgeous Devon countryside”. We’re blushing now!

Key facts:

  • Disneyland visits: 4 in last 18 months
  • Connoisseur in: Gin and gin-related activities
  • Favourite food: Chocolate ice cream
  • Dream car: Yellow Porsche Carrera GT

Leandra Walker Engagement Assistant

Lea joined Lightfoot as it seemed “an interesting and awesome place to work”. After a few weeks here, she was happy to admit that – actually – we “are all crazy”. Hey, we did warn her! Lea lives with her husband and three children, and finishes every week with a really sweet family tradition –Friday Film Night.

Key facts:

  • Literary tastes: Anything lovey-dovey
  • Hidden talent: Can only go upstairs on her tiptoes
  • Favourite food: Sweet chilli hummus
  • Dream car: Midnight blue Audi Q3

Natalie JonesCustomer Support Associate

Natalie joined Lightfoot as it offered her “a much-needed change” and an opportunity to work in an industry that more closely matches her interests. We were more than happy to welcome her to the family. Natalie says that the best part of living in a small Devon village is being able to walk for a minute or two and reaching the pub. Cheers to that, Nat!

Key facts:

  • Gaming ability: Legend in the Elder Scrolls community
  • Superhero relative: Cousin of Iron Fist
  • Favourite food: Spag bol
  • Dream car: Batmobile

Olivia Nustedt – Sales Support Coordinator

Olivia “wanted to work for a young and vibrant company with a passionate team and incredible product.” We’re a perfect fit! Over the last few years, Olivia has spent time in Iceland, France, Madagascar, and Brighton, but couldn’t resist the call of home, coming back to Devon and joining Lightfoot after a stint with another company in the area as a Meeting and Events Sales Coordinator.

Key facts:

  • Skiing ability: Queen of the Slopes
  • Hidden talent: Devon swim team alumni
  • Favourite food: Sushi
  • Dream car: Canyonero (12 yards long, 2 lanes wide)

2019’s New Year’s Resolution is to get our new starter interviews back on track, so keep your eyes peeled as we continue to recruit!

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