The Apprentice Approves

The Apprentice Approves

This is a guest post written by Sean O’Farrell, our Digital Marketing Assistant. Thanks for an awesome insight into your Lightfoot experience, Sean!

You may work for a business and just go along with the marketing mumbo-jumbo that’s in your script, but it’s not until you experience that mumbo-jumbo first hand that you realise these aren’t justrandom numbers, and that sometimes they can even be understating things!

I’m an apprentice. A very fortunate apprentice, but still a student who needs to save in any way possible. Having a car is not cheap, and neither is a 10-mile commute twice a day, 5 days a week. It’s also not great for our planet. So what better way to try and save money,cut emissions and be safer on the road than use Lightfoot?

“Lightfoot cuts fuel usage by up to 20%.”

I never mocked it, but I didn’t necessarily believe it… until I saw it.

We all know Christmas is busy, and it might come as a surprise to some, but it’s also astronomically expensive! So, when I decided that prior to Christmas I would upgrade to the newer version of Lightfoot, I was without my helpful guide for about 2 weeks.

Take out Lightfoot. Fill up car. Buy a Bounty (yes, I like them). Pay for fuel. Get to work.

Now, usually I can get about 430 miles out of my little car on a full tank, but I noticed that not even 340 miles in, it was asking for a top up. I thought I was quite a good driver – how naïve of me – so seeing this was a bit of a shock.

What could it have been? A change in the weather? Well, there hadn’t been any significant difference in the weather of late. My car was faulty? It’s a new car in good nick, and even had its routine check no more than 3 months ago. I was missing Lightfoot? Hmm…

Without the helpful Lightfoot lights, and the threat of hearing a “nudge” from the ghostly voice of my colleague, I was at least 21% LESS efficient.

I don’t blame you for being hesitant about crazy stats like this, but why don’t you try for yourself and see how much you can save? Think of how many Bountys* you could buy!

* Other chocolate bars are available.