Sleigh the daily commute in the new year with Lightfoot

T’is the season…

  • to be jolly
  • of goodwill to all mankind
  • of joy and kindness
  • to consume your body weight in cheese and Baileys (not at the same time, you animals)
  • all that good fuzzy stuff

We felt that today was the perfect time to get in the spirit and share some Lightfoot love across the nation.

So, without further ado, it’s time to announce our Christmas competition… Or should we say competitions!

We have put together some videos that speak to the many types of people Lightfoot appeals to and you should see them popping up all over Facebook in the next few days.

There are videos for The Techie, The Eco Warrior, The Car Nut, and The Savvy Saver.

Entry is simple – you just have to tag the friend you think best fits that title and the two of you could win a Lightfoot device each with a free 6-month subscription! Full T&Cs here.

Metro has called Lightfoot “the gift that keeps on giving” which is pretty handy, as it would just look arrogant if we went around calling ourselves that.

So, don’t just to take our word for it anymore. You can listen to Metro when they shout about our “Formula 1 upgrade for the car”!

Eight Lightfoot devices for eight happy winners – what a way to start Christmas 2018.

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