Lightfoot, climate change, and the part you can play

Lightfoot Climate Change

“We need to prepare and adapt now, climate change impacts are already being felt with the record books being re-written.” – Emma Howard, chair of the Environment Agency

The UK Climate Projections 2018 study was released this week, offering a damning outlook on our changing climate and future weather patterns.

Hot on its heels came the UN’s emissions gap report, bringing with it dire news that CO2 emissions have risen for the first time in four years.

Then, to cap off a week of stark warnings, the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change report revealed that the impact of climate change on public health should already be considered an emergency.

Things are not looking good. Climate change is already changing the world as we know it and damaging people’s health. We are moving into a new era of responsibility, with the need for action at all levels of society becoming clearer.

In a powerful statement, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organisation, said “the findings are clear and the stakes could not be higher. We cannot delay action on climate change.”

And Michael Gove, Environment Secretary, said in response to the Climate Projections Study: “We know, more than ever before, the urgency of acting.”

But when the UN is stating that, to avoid a catastrophic warming of the planet, we must increase our efforts to cut carbon emissions fivefold and the UK is not even on track to hit their 2023-27 carbon budget, Mr. Gove’s strong words begin to groan under the weight of reality.

To achieve the change we wish to see in the world, the people (as so often seems to be the case) must lead the way and hope the government follow.

The UN report admitted as much by stating the importance of “action by non-state and subnational actors, including regional and local governments and businesses… to implementing the Nationally Determined Contributions”. We can no longer wait for change from above – we all must lead the charge as individuals.

Making efforts to reduce our own carbon footprint can feel insignificant but, in reality, change on a societal level only comes from many small actions that eventually lead to a tipping point. One of the easiest ways you can address your environmental impact is to drive with Lightfoot.

As you’re on our website, you hopefully know a little about us, but allow us to give those not in the know a very quick overview.

Lightfoot is the first connected-car technology to reward better drivers. It helps you adopt a smoother, more efficient driving style and monetise your everyday good driving with discounts, prizes, and cash giveaways. The bigger picture, though, is that you are reducing the quantity of fuel you use and, resultantly, your vehicle’s emissions by as much as 20%!

Sure, one or two drivers driving smoothly won’t stop climate collapse, but if every car and van in the UK was fitted with Lightfoot, we could prevent close to 19 million tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere – that’s nearly 4% of our nation’s entire carbon footprint. Not so insignificant now, is it?

What are ultimately small changes in behaviour can actually result in significant changes for good. We might not be able to switch to electric vehicles overnight or take half of all vehicles off the road, but we can make a genuine difference through unobtrusive behavioural and lifestyle changes.

It’s time for us all to step up and find ways we can fight the climate crisis – we just have to cross our fingers and hope that the people in charge take notice in time.

If you are interested in getting Lightfoot for your vehicle, you can start here and begin saving the world (and your wallet) one mile at a time.

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