Welcome to Rob Rolls, our new Embedded Firmware Engineer!

Rob Rolls Embedded Firmware Engineer Lightfoot

It’s been a little while since we shouted about new additions to the Lightfoot clan but we’ve got a lot of new starter interviews coming over the next few weeks, so settle in and get excited to learn more about some vital cogs in this smooth driving machine.

First of all, we turn to Rob Rolls – our new Embedded Firmware Engineer. Rob has joined Lightfoot after six and a half years with his previous employer. In brief (and as best a Copywriter like myself can understand), Rob is responsible for working on the code that runs in the Lightfoot device itself. This covers everything from enhancing our devices’ ability to play multiple sound files, improving audio quality, and implementing new systems and measures to test the functionality and efficiency of existing code.

Rob joined Lightfoot after coming across one of our adverts on his job hunt and, after researching the company further, was compelled to apply. Rob was also sweet-talked into applying by Phil, our PHP/MySQL Developer, as the two knew each other after working together a few years ago. Phil told him “this is the best company in the world” – Phil is a clever cookie – and in Rob’s own words:

“I took his word and applied and I do not regret it at all. Lightfoot is a much bigger company, where I can specialise more in my job. It’s a really nice culture here, everyone is very friendly and it’s not stressful.”

Outside of work, Rob enjoys cycling. Living in Torquay, he says this has made his commute to work… “interesting” – taking about an hour each way! Rob also admits he has a surprising interest in fleet management. “I guess it’s because of documentaries I have seen where they show huge transport fleets with managers in front of big screens, controlling everything. Lightfoot has this context and it just makes it very interesting for me.”

Thankfully, Rob’s happy as an engineer at the moment, even though it means he has to use normal-sized screens like the rest of us.

Welcome to the Lightfoot family, Rob!

Rob Rolls Embedded Firmware Engineer Lightfoot