The move!

You’ve heard us talking about it for a while now… It’s finally happened.

Lightfoot has a new home.

It’s not just new, though… It’s brand new. It’s sparkling, glowing, radiant, and it’s the platform we need to take our business to the next level, turning Lightfoot into a household name in the UK and around the world.

Our CEO has poured his heart and soul into designing an office space that is as quirky, memorable and all-round awesome as the Lightfoot team itself. It’s incredible to actually be here, working in an environment that reflects the business (we had long out-grown our last office both in size and design).

So, what does it mean for us?

Well first and foremost, it has working air-con… and just in time for all this glorious sunshine!

Aside from all the new luxuries we’ve been treated to (you HAVE to come and sample the coffee!), Innovation Valley means a lot to every one of us. Not just because we’ve been part of the process. Not just because it’s been on the horizon since before half of us even started working with the business. It is a statement of intent. It shows that we’re serious about our mission. It is a reflection of our success and another step towards making smooth driving mainstream.

It’s been a long process, from securing the premises back in 2016 to practically sitting shoulder to shoulder in the last few weeks as we kept on hiring but our office curiously refused to grow with us.

Dan, our brilliant videographer, has put together a film showing our move from start to finish. Sit down for a few minutes and watch it with us… and don’t hog the tissues, it’s been an emotional journey.

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