Fleet Driver of the Week – Glenn Clifton-Sprigg (Virgin Media)

Glenn lightfoot driver of the week

How long have you been working for the company?

10 years.

Tell us about your home life

Going back, I’m an ex-soldier, I served 10 years in the Royal Signals. I changed career because of my family, they’d all had enough of me not being there. I was unemployed for one day and then I started with Virgin Media and I have been here ever since. I live with my wife who is a digitiser, designing logos for people and our three children. Our children are 15,13 and 5 years old, we have a boy and two girls.

What van do you drive at work?

A Ford Transit.

What would your dream car be?

Lamborghini Murciélago.

What would be the perfect way to spend a weekend?

With my family, any time with them is perfect. Just being together doing things like swimming is great. We like going abroad too as we like our holidays.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

A place called Tsilivi in Greece. It’s absolutely fantastic! Actually, that would be where I’d spend my perfect weekend with my family.

What is your biggest strength?

Determination and defiance.

And your biggest weakness?

Stubborn Headedness. I’m one of those that if someone tells me I can’t have something then I’ll just keep on nagging.

What has Lightfoot improved about your driving?

When I started with Lightfoot it was an adjustment I would say. At first, every time I changed gear it would “bing” “bing” “go steady”, but with time, the “bings” become fewer. So obviously, I’m improving my driving and it has been good because I’ve learnt that you don’t need to accelerate, be in certain gears. It has made me more efficient in the way I drive and I have only had it since September.

If you could choose the voice of Lightfoot, who would it be?

Alan Partridge.

What would you say to encourage another driver to use Lightfoot?

Initially, it is awkward because you need to get used to the device and learn the Lightfoot system. It is a learning process that improves your efficiency when you are driving.

What prize did you win?

A driving experience day, driving an Aston Martin. I was really happy because I have done one before and I loved it!