Fleet Driver of the Week – Lee O’Brien (South Eastern Electrical PLC)

Fleet Driver of the Week – Lee O’Brien
  1. How long have you been working for South Eastern Electrical PLC?

    7 years!

  2. Tell us about your home life.

    I live with my wife – she’s a teacher – and our child, who is three.

  3. What van do you drive at work? Do you like it?

    The Mercedes 510, which is decent enough.

  4. What is your dream car?

    The Aston Martin Vantage – it’s a nice, smart car.

  5. Is driving something you enjoy? Why?

    I don’t mind it, it’s relaxing…sometimes!

  6. What is your favourite drive?

    I have taken the coastal road from San Fransico to Las Vagas and that was lovely.

  7. What would be your perfect way to spend a weekend?

    Sitting on a beach somewhere hot, with a nice cocktail beside me.

  8. What has Lightfoot changed about your driving?

    It’s made me drive a lot more slowly and I’m more cautious. Even when I get in my own car now, I automatically drive as if there is a Lightfoot in my car.

  9. If you could have any voice on your Lightfoot device who would it be?

    Ed Sheeran, he’d be nice!

  10. What would you say to encourage another driver to use Lightfoot?

    I like the little prizes you get! It definitely does help your driving if you listen to Lightfoot and I suppose it stops you racing around as much.

  11. What prize did you win?

    An Amazon Echo – my daughter really enjoys it, which is a bonus!

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