Lightfoot wins a Connected Transport Award from IoT Evolution!

Lightfoot wins a Connected Transport Award from IoT Evolution!

We are very excited to announce that IoT Evolution has selected Lightfoot as a winner of their Connected Transport Award, alongside our friends Gemalto!

IoT Evolution is a company based in America that highlights how IoT – the ‘internet of things’ – technologies can be used with the wireless network to ‘significantly improve business processes, minimise risk, spur innovation and drive revenue’.

They have selected Lightfoot and Gemalto as winners of their Connected Transport Award, highlighting Lightfoot’s collaboration with Exeter City Futures:

‘Ashwoods Lightfoot provided U.K. initiative Exeter City Futures with 100 of its devices for use in citizen vehicles for eight weeks. The devices, which leverage Gemalto’s Cinterion M2M wireless module, delivered real-time feedback on the dashboard plus audio alerts that prompted drivers to take action to ensure peak performance, efficiency, and driver safety.’

Gemalto, a world-leading digital security company based in the Netherlands, has worked closely with Lightfoot to integrate their ruggedised Cinterion® M2M module, helping to ensure our technology and data are robust and secure. You can read more about it in a whitepaper they produced called ‘Driving toward Greener, Safer Transportation Systems‘.

We’re delighted that Lightfoot’s exciting new developments are being recognised by others in the industry, and we’re so pleased to have been chosen as a winner of IoT Evolution’s Connected Transport Award!