Lightfoot un-boxing
  • Lightfoot un-boxing
  • Lightfoot front
  • Lightfoot right side
  • Lightfoot left side
  • Lightfoot dashboard mounted
  • Lightfoot windscreen mounting clip
  • Lightfoot with windscreen mounting clip


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Lightfoot is designed for quick and easy self-installation.


  • Lightfoot device
  • Window clip & adhesive strip
  • 3-step installation guide
  • Lightfoot app (free to download)

First month’s subscription FREE

Subscription (normally £3.99 per month) includes

  • Connectivity (subscription activates the integrated SIM card)
  • Track your score in your Driving Dashboard
  • Access to over 100 high-street & venue discounts
  • Entry to prize & cash competitions
  • Create your own leagues to compete with others
  • Vehicle health monitoring (fault diagnostics & alerts)
  • Business mileage expense reporting
  • MOT & tax reminders
  • Ability to adjust your Lightfoot settings
  • Automatic software updates "over-the-air"

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Full Specification

  • Multi-Colour LED feedback light
  • Auto-dimming to ambient light
  • Built in SIM (all costs included in monthly subscription)
  • Built-in GPS for journey reviews
  • Optional audible feedback with volume control
  • Crystal Speaker for sound clarity
  • Plugs straight into OBD2 port*
  • Internal battery (LiPo)
  • Easy installation guide
  • Ultra-slim OBD2* plug (no wires to cut or holes to drill)
  • High grade, UV resistant window clip/bracket
  • 3M die-cut adhesive pad (plus one spare)
  • Lightfoot sticker (internal or external use)
  • Cable tidy tool
  • Cable ties

*All cars from 2006 onwards have an OBD2 port. Some cars from 2001 to 2006 have one. It will be close to your steering wheel – normally above the pedal controls in the driver’s footwell. If you’re unsure, you can email Lightfoot support who will help you locate your OBD2 port.

  • Track & monitor your score
  • Enter new competitions every week
  • Claim rewards & discounts in over 100 stores, venues and restaurants
  • Create leagues to compete with your friends & family
  • Vehicle health monitoring
  • MOT & tax reminders
  • Business mileage expense reports
  • Save on fuel (up to 20%)
  • Reduce vehicle "wear & tear" and maintenance costs
  • Reduce your emissions
  • Be one of the smoothest drivers on the road
  • Enter competitions to win prizes from Lightfoot & sponsors
  • Earn money for your smooth driving
  • Discounts in over 100 stores, venues and restaurants
I like the little prizes you get! It definitely does help your driving if you listen to Lightfoot.
Lee - Lightfoot driver
It would be a great benefit for my daughter too who has just started driving. It’s better than a black box because, as well as the insurance savings, you learn how to be a better driver.
Simon - Fleet Driver
I feel I’m now driving to help others – not just to get to my destination. It’s made me aware of how over-accelerating has the biggest impact on fuel consumption.
Rob - Lightfoot driver

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